Dealers in Petroleum Products Urged to Adhere to Standards

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has called upon dealers in petroleum products to adhere to national standards prescribing quality and safety requirements in the sector.

TBS Director, Mr. Charles Ekelege, made the appeal during the grant of licences ceremony held at TBS offices in Dar es Salaam recently, urging the dealers to collect standards from TBS and implement them accordingly.

He said TBS has already formulated a number of standards on petroleum products prescribing, among others, the requirements for establishment of petroleum products depots and storage tanks.

“It is important for everyone to be aware that the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) will not grant business licences to petrol stations which do not comply with the requirements stipulated in the standards,” insisted Mr. Ekelege.

At least five standards pertaining to petroleum products have been formulated. The standards are TZS 1113:2009, Depots for the storage of petroleum products, TZS 1114:2009, Road transport vehicles, containers and equipment used for the transportation of dangerous petroleum products and TZS 1115:2009, Petroleum products retail outlets.

Others are TZS 1076:2009, Selection, specification, installation, operation and maintenance of automatic liquid level and temperature measuring instruments on petroleum storage tanks and TZS 1079:2009, Installation of underground storage tanks, pumps/dispensers and pipework at service stations and consumer installations.

During the occasion, Mr. Ekelege issued 13 standards mark licences, three licence extensions and one tested product certificate to manufacturers of various products.

Mr. Ekelege commended the manufactures for their efforts which enabled them to acquire licences to use the ‘tbs’ mark on their products, which, he said, will increase confidence among consumers within and outside the country.

“You should understand that in the free market economy the issue of adhering to quality standards is compulsory,” argued Mr. Ekelege, adding that the new Standards Act endows TBS with powers to take legal actions against offenders.

The manufacturers whose products were certified under the standards mark scheme (their products in brackets) are Hakika Brewers (Fruit wine), Darsh Industries Ltd. (Fruit jam), Kamachumu Inn Ltd. (Drinking water – Kabanga spring), Mali Juice (Pineapple juice) and Rest Africa Investment Ltd. (Fruit jam).

Others are Profate Investments Ltd. (Mozzarella cheese), Aqualink Desalination (T) Ltd. (Drinking water, Aqualink), Kanyigo Traders (Herbal soap, Nungi), East Africa Cables (T) Ltd. (Armoured power cables), Mara Milk (Drinking water, Super), RSA Limited (Bull bar), Haleluya Oil Mills (Sunflower seed oil) and Kiboko Pre-Coated Sheets Ltd. (Metal roofing tiles).

Three manufacturers had their licences extended. They are Serengeti Breweries Ltd. (Beer, Uhuru peak lager), Mwanza Quality Wine (Fruit wine, Honey wine) and China Paper Corporation Co. Ltd. (Toilet paper, Sawa sawa brand). Promasidor (T) (PTY) Ltd. was granted with a tested product certificate for its food seasoning mixture (Mchuzi mix – Onga).