Ekelege stresses need for partnership with media

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Director General, Mr. Charles Ekelege has stressed the need for a partnership between his organization and the media as the best way to fight a successful war against substandard products.

Mr. Ekelege was speaking during the opening of a one-day media awareness seminar at the Blue Pearl Hotel in Dar es Salaam. The seminar was organized by TBS with the aim of imparting editors and senior reporters with awareness on standardization and quality assurance issues, for their further transmission to the general public.

The DG emphasized that no organization can singly succeed in fighting against the production and distribution of substandard and counterfeit products. Instead, he said, partnership and close co-operation in terms of information exchange and role sharing were imperative in preventing and eliminating substandard and counterfeit products from the market.

“We believe that the partnership between the Government and its agencies on the one hand and the media and consumers on the other hand, will facilitate success of the war against substandard and counterfeit products,” stressed Mr. Ekelege.

He mentioned the areas in which TBS and the media can be partners as the promotion of a culture of standardization and quality assurance by writing feature articles and viewing of standards related events and identifying and monitoring of sub-standard and counterfeit products in the market and bringing up to the attention of TBS.

The Director General said other areas of partnership between TBS and the media would be in knowledge building in standardization and quality management and research on economic benefits of standards, adding: “We believe the media can really set matters of quality and safety as public agendas and thus influence the public towards quality consciousness.”

During the seminar that attracted dozens of editors and senior journalists from various local media houses, six papers were presented. The papers were “Importance of Standards and how they are developed” presented by the Director of Standards Development Mr. Leandri Kinabo, “The Implementation of Standards to ensure Quality of Products and Services” presented by the Director of Quality Management, Ms. Kezia Mbwambo and “Testing, Calibration and Packaging Services at TBS” presented by the Director of Testing, Calibration and Packaging Services, Mr. Dominic Mwakangale.

Other papers were “The TBS Legal Powers (The Standard Act No. 2 of 2009)” presented by The TBS Legal Officer, Mr. Baptist Bitaho, “The Role of the Media in Promoting Standardization and Quality Assurance in Tanzania” presented by Media Consultant John Mireny and “The Role of the Fair Competition Commission (FCC) in Trade Facilitation”, presented by FCC’s Director of Research, Mergers and Advocacy, Mr. Allan Mlula.