Importers urged to get ready for PVoC

All importers in the country have been urged to prepare for Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards (PVoC) when it officially kicks off from February next year, so as to protect Tanzanian market from sub standard products.

The Arumeru District Commissioner, Mercy Silla said on Monday, December 19, that PVoC will ensure public health, consumer safety and environmental protection and thus importers should ensure that they abide by the conformity assessment procedure when importing.

She was speaking on behalf of the Arusha Regional Commissioner, Mr. Magesa Mulongo, during the opening of the pre-implementation seminar on PVoC, which took place at the Naura Spring Hotel in Arusha.

“TBS has been impounding and destroying goods which do not comply with relevant standards. This exercise has been causing losses to the business persons and the country as a whole, therefore, the move will curb the situation,” the DC elaborated.

In her welcoming remarks, the Director of Quality Management, Mrs. Kezia Mbwambo, said PVoC complements the existing destination inspection which started in 1999. Under destination inspection, consignments are checked on arrival and samples tested for conformity to relevant standards.

Mrs. Mbwambo mentioned some of the benefits of PVoC as protection of consumer safety, public health and environment, blocking unfair competition, harmonization with TRA and TPA customs, preventing Tanzania from being a dumping ground for substandard goods and eliminating destruction or re-exporting costs for substandard goods.

PVoC is a conformity assessment procedure used to verify products prior to exporting into a destination country. Under the programme, products are attested to be in conformity with applicable national standards or approved international or foreign standards before shipment. The programme implementation is in line with section 36 of the Standards Act No. 2 of 2009 and its Regulations.

The PVoC programme is implemented through third-party contractors working on behalf of TBS. The partners are Bureau Veritas of France, SGS of Switzerland and Intertek of United Kingdom.