The Secretary General for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Mr. Rob Steel has applauded the government of Tanzania for its involvement in various issues patterning to standards.

Addressing the Press conference at the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Headquarters in Dar es Salaam recently, Mr. Steele said Tanzania is doing fine in increasing levels of participation in improving standards as compared to other countries in East Africa.

Mr. Steele said that standards play a crucial role in the development of the economy and the people hence; there is a need to boost this crucial area.

The ISO Secretary General who had a four - day visit in the country, however advised Tanzania to identify specific areas where it can get international support to ensure importation of quality goods.

“You should identify at least five top products where ISO can technically assist in ensuring the goods are imported with strict observation of required quality and standards,” he said.

Mr. Steele further said there are various important areas where the government and other bodies related to standards could start looking at together, and that quality of agricultural products is one that needs commitment.

He advised the government to look at the market access of those products, increase value addition and improve food security.

He urged the government to increase its support to TBS in order to enable it to operate in a modern way and serve more consumers.

“The government should increase the resource it provides to the bureau so as to make it increase its scope of services to its customers,” he said.

Speaking on sub-standards products, Steel said this was a global problem, adding that more public education must be provided while consumers should strive to avoid buying cheap products whose quality is poor.