Parliamentary committee endorses pre-shipment inspection of used motor vehicles

The Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade has endorsed the pre-shipment inspection for imported motor vehicles conducted by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for motor vehicles destined to Tanzania.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Trade, Hon. Mahmoud Mgimwa said during the committee’s recent familiarization visit to TBS that for a poor country like Tanzania, articles such as motor vehicles should be inspected and verified abroad to avoid turning Tanzania into a dumping place for vehicles that are not roadworthy.

Hon. Mgimwa elaborated that the exercise also helps reduce the operation costs and control tax evaders. “Inspecting the vehicles abroad reduces the costs because once we do it locally we will have to incur costs of destroying the substandard ones,” he added.

Earlier, the Tanzania Bureau of Standards Director General, Mr. Charles Ekelege briefed the Committee that the vehicles pre-shipment inspection was done according to international procedures governing the exercise.

Mr. Ekelege assured the committee that the Bureau was also set to undertake the Pre-shipment Verification on Conformity to Standards (PVoC) program which has the blessings of the Committee. He said PVoC would commence by early next year.

“PVoC will function well since the inspection will be carefully done and consignments will be cleared on arrival without delays, so long as the certificate of conformity has been issued,” he elaborated.

He added that the process ahead of PVoC system introduction was in the last stages and soon final documents will be forwarded to the Attorney General for verifications ready for the system to officially take off.