Proper use of measures vital for national economic development – Uledi

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Mr. Uledi Musa speaks during the opening of the World Metrology Day workshop.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Mr. Uledi Musa has challenged the society and metrology stakeholders in the country on the essence of the proper application of measures in daily activities as measures are very important for the national economic development.

Mr. Musa made the remarks while addressing participants of this year’s World Metrology Day that was nationally commemorated at the headquarters of the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) in Dar es Salaam.
This year’s metrology day is themed ‘Measurements and Light’. The topic was chosen to align with the UNESCO International Year of Light and light-based technologies, a global initiative designed to highlight the key role light and optical technologies play in daily lives and their importance for the future and for the sustainable development of the society at large.

The Permanent Secretary said that during the traditional era people used traditional ways of measurements while performing their daily activities, noting that in order to cope with the advancement of science and technology in the world, the society should invest on the proper use of modern metrological instruments.

“We in the developing countries are still far back in the proper use of metrological tools in our daily conducts…we are still applying the traditional ways of measurement, to achieve our social and economic goals it is very crucial to put into consideration the proper measurements of temperature, volume, time…”, he said.

He asserted that the government is aiming at ensuring that TBS becomes the country’s modern centre for standardization by empowering it with enough manpower, modern laboratories and enough modern laboratory equipment.

He revealed that in its efforts to ensure standardization and quality products in the local market, TBS and the Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS) have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which the two standards bodies shall be working in collaboration in curbing the flow of substandard products in the country.

Furthermore, the PS added that currently his Ministry and TBS are in the process of amending the Standards Act No 2 of 2009 to improve some areas on it to enable TBS to perform its duties more professionally and at a wide range.

The World Metrology Day celebrations were also graced by the Chairperson of the TBS Board of Directors Prof. Cuthbert Mhilu, TBS Acting Director General Mr. Joseph Masikitiko, Directors of various directorates, Managers and other staffs.

World Metrology Day is an annual celebration of the signature by representatives of seventeen nations of the Metre Convention on 1875-05-20. The Convention set the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurements and in its industrial, commercial and societal applications.

Metrology plays a central role in enabling the application of light-based technologies, and in turn, light is at the heart of many of the most important new elements of leading-edge measurement technologies.