Standard for textile woven sacs for packing cement underway

The Textile Household Technical Committee is working on a standard for woven sacks for packaging cement.

The draft was discussed recently at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) headquarters during the 21st meeting of the Textile Household Technical Committee under the chairmanship of Joseph Barantanda.

The need to discuss the draft standard follows technological innovation in the cement industry as most manufacturers, importers and suppliers in the country are shifting from ordinary Portland cement to Pozzolana or blended clinker with grounded limestone which is extremely fine and dusty.

The move will enable the country to have a common way of packaging and controlling dust emissions out of the sack hence minimize or eliminate commercial losses, health risks and environmental damage during transportation.

Under this draft standard, sacks made from high density polyethylene and polypropylene suitable for packing cement are covered and the requirements for non gusseted sacks have been incorporated and the dimensions and sampling and criteria for conformity are left to be agreed by the buyer and the seller.

The discussed draft standards titled Textile – Woven sacks for packaging cement, high density polyethylene/ polypropylene – Specification, will further be discussed in the Textiles Divisional Standards Committee meeting before being sent for public comments.

The committee drawa members from Recyclenet, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Vocational Education Tanzania Authority (VETA), Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO), FAB-Styles Co. Ltd and the host, Tanzania Bureau of Standards.