Tanzania Participates in Preparation of International Carbon Footprint Standard

Tanzania is actively participating in the preparation of an International Standard on carbon footprint of products (CFP), and has sent a delegation of two people to defend its national position in a series of meetings held from 11 - 17th July 2010 in Mexico.

The work of preparing the standard is done by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  The ISO Technical Committee on Environmental Management, ISO/ TC 207 held its annual plenary meeting on 17 June 2010 in Leon, Mexico, after its subcommittees held parallel meetings earlier in the week.

ISO/TC 207 has published several environmental management standards, also commonly known as the ISO 14000 series of standards.  Sub committee 7 on greenhouse gases, ISO/TC207/SC7 has a working group that is working on the CFP standard, ISO 14067 Parts 1 and 2, and has finished the work of moving the standard to an advanced committee draft, CD.

Tanzania formed a mirror committee on CFP earlier in 2010 in preparation for its contribution in the standard which is expected to be adopted once it is finalized at the international level.  The local committee comprises of the Cleaner Production Center of Tanzania, Ardhi University, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Marketing, National Environment Management Council, TATEDO, AGENDA, CAMCO, Sao Hill Energy, Green Resources and Clinton Foundation, while Tanzania Bureau of Standards provides the secretariat.

On 22nd April 2010 and 17th May 2010, the Tanzania National Mirror Committee deliberated on the ISO committee draft, forming a national position that guided her experts during the meeting in Leon, Mexico. Several comments from Tanzania were sent to ISO prior to the Mexico meeting. Tanzania was represented by Anne Magashi from the Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania and Leandri Kinabo from Tanzania Bureau of Standards.

In the meantime, while in Mexico, the Developing Countries Contact Group, ISO/TC207/DCCG had two sessions meeting to deliberate on trade and environment issues of interest to the developing countries community. One session was a regular meeting while the other session was for experiences sharing. Tanzania is the current chair of this group.

Issues discussed from the developing countries perspective during the sharing of experiences session included) : Carbon Foofprint in the Mediterranean and North Africa;  Environmental Challenges in East Africa; Deforestation (Asia Pacific); Fair Trade (UK);  Desertification (Australia/Malaysia;  Vision 2050, and Ecological Creditors and Debtors concept (Brazil).