Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has called upon manufacturers to cooperate with it so as to ensure products quality and hence protect the local market against substandard products, while at the same time facilitating their businesses.

TBS Acting Director General Mr. Joseph B Masikitiko made the call recently during the opening of a one-day workshop for steel bar manufacturers aimed at imparting knowledge on the quality requirements, legal requirements and certification procedure for steel bars. The workshop was organized by TBS and it took place at the Bureau’s head office in Dar es Salaam.

In his speech, the Acting Director General highlighted the importance of producing quality products, saying apart from safeguarding the health and safety of Tanzanians, this will enable manufacturers to easily access local and international markets through use of the TBS standards mark of quality.

“The use of the TBS standards mark of quality increases market access and makes consumers comfortable with the products they are buying,” he said, adding that TBS is a partner in business and not an enemy.

Mr. Masikitiko also addressed the various challenges which TBS faces in relation to steel bars such as lack of manufacturer or brand names and products measurements and description in line with the intended use. He urged manufacturers to abide by the requirements of steel bars stipulated in the respective Tanzania Standard.

“We need to sit down and discuss on how we will rebrand these products so that our consumers will be able to differentiate one product from another and their uses,” he said, insisting that since TBS has always sought partnership with manufacturers, the Bureau will invite manufacturers’ representatives in a technical meeting to deliberate on how to tackle challenges facing both parties in steel bars’ quality assurance.

Speaking on behalf of steel bar manufacturers, Mr. Lawrence Manyama congratulated TBS for its efforts in improving the quality of industrial products in the country. He said steel bar manufacturers welcome the steps taken by the Bureau to ensure the quality of steel bars.

During the workshop, steel bar manufacturers were apprised on the requirements of the Tanzania Standard for the product, TZS 142: 2006, Hot rolled steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete – Specification, the provisions of the Standards Act No. 2 of 2009 and the product certification procedure.