TBS celebrates landmark year 2009

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Director, Mr. Charles Ekelege has named the year 2009 as a landmark year in terms of the achievements gained by the Bureau in standardization and quality assurance activities.

Addressing TBS members of staff and their spouses during a New Year party held at the Blue Pearl Hotel recently, the Director said the Bureau has recorded a good number of achievements in the past year.

He said during the year, TBS managed to formulate 289 national standards in various sectors, compared to 70 standards formulated in 2008, while on the part of laboratories the Bureau managed to have two of its seven laboratories accredited, bringing a total of four accredited laboratories, namely Metrology, Food, Textile (Condom Testing) and Chemistry laboratories.

The Director, who attributed the achievements on workers’ commitment and teamwork spirit, said the remaining three laboratories, i.e. the Mechanical, Electrical and Building and Construction laboratories are at different levels in the accreditation process.

Mr. Ekelege also mentioned the enactment of a new Standards Act (No. 2 of 2009) as a big achievement in that it gives the Bureau more legal powers to curb substandard products in the country. He said the new Act was gazetted on December 25, 2009.

“The new Act is a milestone as it will enhance our performance. We will surely use the powers endowed to us by the Act to ensure that our country isn’t turned into a dumping ground,” declared the Director.

Mr. Ekelege mentioned other achievements as the completion of the Cotton laboratory which will cater for five countries namely Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and the operationalization of the Packaging Technology Centre (PTC).

Moreover, the Director said the Bureau has opened two more offices at border points namely Sirari and Namanga, adding to the already available offices at Tanga, Holili and Horohoro.

On the part of human resource, the Director said during the past year, the Bureau improved employees’ incentive package and also provided its workers with various training opportunities. He said a total of 10 employees are attending long term training while 104 attended short term training.

On infrastructure, the Director said TBS has continued to modernize its laboratories by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, while at the same time improving working conditions in the laboratories.

He called upon the workers to honor the success already achieved by working even harder, being more innovative and safeguarding the reputation of the Bureau by being loyal and maintaining integrity..