TBS Commemorate World standards day 2016

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), a statutory organization under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment, was established in 1975 and became operational as a National standards Institute in 1976 as the government agency to promote the development and application of standards as well as conformity assessment processes. Throughout the years, TBS has been consistently serving the needs of the nation in accordance with its mandate. Like all other national standards bodies in the world, TBS celebrates ISO World Standards Day once a year on 14th October.

World Standards Day is marked to recognize the contribution of stakeholders engaged in standards development. In developing national standards TBS like any other National Standards Body in the world, uses standardization system which is based on worldwide ‘consensus principle’ which works through the use of technical committees. These committees draw members from a cross-section of stakeholders that include government, academia and research, manufacturers, distributors and consumers. There are 97 technical committees which work under supervisory committees (sectoral committees) commonly known as Divisional Standards Committees. Currently, there nine Divisional Standards Committees namely; Mechanical Divisional Standards Committee (MEDC), Electrical Divisional Standards Committee (EEDC), Building and Construction Divisional Standards Committee (BCDC), Mining and Minerals Divisional Standards Committee (MMDC) and General Techniques Divisional Standards Committee (GTDC). Standards falling under these five sectors are being undertaken by standards officers from the Engineering Standards Department. Whereas the standards falling under the following four sectors are being undertaken by standards officers working with Process and Technology Standards Department, these include Agriculture and Food, Divisional Standards Committee (AFDC), Chemicals Divisional Standards Committee (CDC), Textiles Divisional Standards Committee (TDC) and Environmental Divisional Standards Committee (EMDC). Each technical committee comprised of seven members whereas each Divisional Committee comprised of 12 members from relevant field of standardization which approximately sum up to 787 stakeholders that engaged with standardization activities directly through meetings of the above mentioned technical committees.

This year TBS plans to celebrate the World Standards Day on 18th November 2016 which will add value to TBS 40th Anniversary as the organization was established 40 years ago. The designed activities of the event include Essay Competition Award, paper presentations on the importance of standards that will be presented by representatives from invited private and government institutes and special greetings from invited guests, to mention but a few. It is expected that much of the presentations and other informal and formal talks will reflect to the theme given to World Standards Day 2016 that is Standards Build Trust.

As we commemorate this day, there is no doubt that we all agree that the organization is reaffirming its commitment to safeguard public health and safety, promote the socioeconomic, industrial efficiency, business competitiveness and contribute to the protection of the environment through provision and continual improvement of its services.

Based on the current national movement towards building a middle income,semiindustrialized economy by 2025 .TBS in collaboration with its internal and external stakeholders committed to contributing to the new Government initiative by ensuring that the quality infrastructure; the application of standards with the appropriate systems of Conformity Assessment; Inspection, Testing and Certification performed become a reality for all sectors. It is our esteemed honor to acknowledge the work of the TBS management and committed staff members who have piloted the Bureau over the last 40 years through its early development and who have provided a solid foundation for the exciting and challenging road ahead.

we commend efforts made by the government to support the Bureau fulfil its mandated corporate functions and looking for more supports at appropriate time so as to maximize its contribution to development of national economy.

On the other hand, TBS staff should feel privileged to be part of an organization as diverse as they are and can also be proud of its accomplishments. As TBS turns forty, we look forward to making greater strides in the development and enforcement of the right standards to propel our country further along the road to greater competitiveness and sustainability.

We wish all TBS staff and their esteemed stakeholders a special World Standards Day 2016 commemorations with theme ‘Standards Build Trust’.

By: Hamisi Sudi,
Sen. Standards Officer,
Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).