The Board of Directors of Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has appointed a new Management team and tasked it to enhance the Bureau’s operations and improve efficiency.

Announcing the new team, the Chairman of the Board, Prof. Cuthbert Mhilu said the move is part of the Board’s efforts to clear the image of the Bureau and to enhance its performance.

Prof. Mhilu said the new Management team which will be under probation of six months will be led by Mr. Joseph Masikitiko as the Acting Director General. Others are Emmanuel Ntelya who has been appointed as the Acting Director of Corporate Services and Mrs. Tumaini Mtitu who becomes the Director of Quality Management.

Furthermore, Prof. Mhilu named Mrs. Agnes Mneney as the Director of Testing, Calibration and Packaging Services and Mr. Leandri Kinabo as the Director of Standards Development.

The Chairman also named other members of the Management team as the Engineering Standards Manager Mrs. Edna Ndumbaro, the Finance, Planning and Administration Manager Mrs. Anita Keveva and the Documentation and ICT Manager Ms. Matilda Kasanga. The three managers have retained their posts.

Before the appointment, Mr. Masikitiko was the Director of Corporate Services. Mrs Mtitu was the Process Technology Standards Manager, Mrs.  Mneney was the Testing and Calibration Manager, Mr Ntelya was the Chief Planning Officer while Mr. Kinabo was the Acting Director General.

Meanwhile, Prof. Mhilu said Mr. Dominic Mwakangale who was the Director of Quality Management and Mrs. Kezia Mbwambo who was the Director of Testing, Calibration and Packaging Services will be assigned other duties. He also directed Management to arrange for the filling of the remaining management posts.