Tanzania Bureau of Standards Director General Mr. Joseph Masikitiko (centre) awards a certificate to one of the manufacturers during a grant of licence ceremony held at the TBS headquarters in Dar es Salaam recently. Looking on is the TBS Director of Quality Management Mrs. Tumaini Mtitu.

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has granted over 50 licences to manufacturers allowing them to use the TBS Standard Mark of Quality.

Out of the granted 55 licences, 42 licenses were granted to small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), two foreign companies while the remaining were extended the time for use after the manufacturers successfully implemented the requirements of the licences.

Speaking to manufacturers and other participants during the colourful event held recently at the TBS headquarters, TBS Director General Mr. Joseph Masikitiko urged manufacturers to make proper use of the licences by investing much on the production of quality products as the way to safeguard health of customers and strengthening the country’s economy.

He also asserted that the production of quality products by manufacturers will be a great support to the Bureau’s efforts to combat substandard products in the local market.

In a move to enable the bureau to run its activities smoothly almost all over the country, Mr. Masikitiko revealed that the national standards body intends to open zonal offices in Mbeya, Mwanza and Arusha which are expected to start operations later this year.

“We are aiming at serving more people by bringing our services close to manufacturers almost all over the country… the completion of the expected zonal offices will be offering services to all manufacturers and citizens around the respective areas…” adding, “…We believe that this will be a helpful step to our clients because it will reduce unnecessary costs incurred by them as they will no longer required to travel to TBS offices in Dar es Salaam for various services since most of the services will be available in the zonal offices,” he added.

According to the TBS head, the Bureau is struggling to ensure that most manufacturers especially the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the country certify their products as the way to empower them secure more markets at local, regional and international markets.

Despite the efforts carried out by TBS to make sure that all products under the compulsory standard category are certified, the Standards body noted that it was aware that there are still some uncertified products under the compulsory category in the local market, thus, TBS has come up with an intensive campaign to remove all substandard products from the local market with the aim of creating a fair competition in the market.

Speaking on behalf of manufacturers Said Rabia said that manufacturers are ready to support the government’s efforts to remove substandard products from the market to protect health of the people, increase personal and national income through expansion of business.

“We are ready to support the standards body in this exercise to ensure that there are no substandard goods imported or sold in Tanzania,” declared Rabia.
Rabia noted that TBS should enhance cooperation with faithful local manufacturers who will be helping to reveal the unfaithful manufacturers.

He however challenged the Bureau to put in public the names of manufacturers and importers of substandard products and stern measures which have been taken against them.
He said Tanzania is among the fast emerging markets in the African continent and the world at large hence there is a need to channel more efforts to quality management issues.
Over 230 SMEs have succeeded to certify their products free of charge since 2008.

It is estimated that there are a total of 800,000 SMEs operating in various economic sectors in the country.