TBS Urges Cooperation From Manufacturers, Businesses

Manufacturers and business owners have been urged to cooperate with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) officers when visited for inspection and market surveillance.

TBS Director General, Mr. Charles Ekelege made the remark during a ceremony to present licences to the manufacturers whose products have been proved to meet relevant Tanzania standards, which was held at TBS Headquarters in Dar es Salaam recently.

Mr. Ekelege said under the Standards Act No. 2 of 2009, TBS has a mandate to inspect all goods produced within the country and those imported from various countries and that manufacturers and business men are obliged to allow TBS inspectors to do their work.

He, however, cautioned that TBS shouldn’t be seen as a Police Post, as its mission is to facilitate business. ‘‘You should not regard TBS as a Police Post. We are your partner in business, therefore make use of our services for your businesses to flourish,’’ explained the Director General.

Mr. Ekelege commended the manufacturers who were presented with TBS mark licences and tested products certificates for the efforts they made which enabled them to be certified by TBS and also urged them to abide by the standards against which their products have been certified. He said the painstaking quality audits they went through were necessary to ensure the quality of their products.

The manufacturers granted with TBS mark licences were Ndimila Enterprises of Sumbawanga in respect of honey and peanut butter, Rukwa Food Processors Association of Sumbawanga (Fruit wine - pawpaw wine and honey), Mariet Natural Food Products of Njombe (Honey), Tanzania Breweries Ltd Mbeya (Beer), Sino Swahili Co. of Dar es Salaam (Silk emulsion paint), Reza Company Limited of Dar es Salaam (Plastic carrier bags) Environklin (2005) Ltd-California of Dar es Salaam (Petrol and diesel fuel enhancer), Boma la Ng’ombe Village Co. Ltd. of Iringa (Pineapple juice), Saboso Oil Mill of Iringa (sunflower seed oil) and Super Sip Limited of Dar es Salaam in respect of Sippy power gold energy drink.

The manufacturers granted with tested product certificates were Fukeni Mini Dairy of Moshi in respect of their cultured milk, Mariet Natural Food Products of Njombe (mixed fruit juice), Kiboko Paints Ltd. of Dar es Salaam (Thinner paints) and Arusha Aggregates Ltd. of Arusha (concrete paving blocks).

Three companies, namely Tanzania Cigarette Co. Ltd. of Dar es Salaam (cigarettes), Resty Products of Mbeya (Fruit wine) and Super Sip Ltd. of Dar es Salaam (carbonated soft drink) were granted with licence extension.