TBS urges manufacturers to certify their products

TBS Director General, Dr. Egid Mubofu presents a standards mark licence to a manufacturer

All manufacturers with uncertified products in the country have been urged to certify their products as most of the uncertified products fall under compulsory standards.

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Acting Director General, Dr. Egid Mubofu made the call at the weekend at TBS Headquarters in Dar es Salaam, during a grant of licences ceremony which drew 86 manufacturers.

Dr. Mubofu said as the country’s focus is on industries development, quality assurance and standardization cannot be avoided, hence the need for certification is paramount.

He further said certified products can easily penetrate in the local and international market, therefore apart from personal earnings, the country will also benefit economically.

“I am glad to see that 36% of the manufacturers granted with standards mark licences today are small scale manufacturers. This shows that SMEs really want to grow,” the Acting Director General said.

One of the manufacturers, Ms. Hesperance Deodate, applauded TBS for its tireless efforts to encourage manufacturers on the importance of certification which made her to be granted a standards mark licence for her Nafaka Nzima bakery.

“When TBS first approached us for certification we ignored them, but they keep on educating, coaching us and that is why we are here today to celebrate,” she said joyfully.

During the ceremony, 69 standard mark licences, nine (9) tested product certificates and eight (8) licence extensions were awarded to various manufacturers.

The products included sheets, rice, drinking water, cement, alcohol, laundry soaps, chillies, maize flour, gaseous oxygen, exercise books, safety matches, bread, cables, spices, disinfectant, cattle feeds, cooking oil, colour paints, sugar bags, pipes, tube lights, corrugated boxes, energy drinks, juice and milk chocolate bar.