Zanzibar Government to Establish Standards Bureau

The government of Zanzibar will soon establish its own standards body that will cater for all importers, exporters and local manufacturers in the Isles.

The Deputy Minister for Industry, Trade and Marketing, Thuwayba Kisasi made the remarks during her visit to the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) recently, as part of familiarization and learning process on quality assurance and standardization issues.

She said the establishment of the standards body in Zanzibar would help the government to perform its duty of checking the quality of imported or locally produced products.

“The move will also curb unscrupulous businessmen who have been producing and importing substandard products. We are proud that the law to establish the Bureau has been enacted,” she said.

Honorable Kisasi applauded the Tanzania Bureau of Standards for its remarkable efforts in creating awareness on quality issues to all stakeholders, noting that well equipped laboratories and experienced experts justify that TBS is really a home of standards.

Earlier, the Director of Testing, Calibration and Packaging Services, Mr. Dominick Mwakangale,  told the Minister that despite the fact that the Isles face challenges of substandard imported products, several companied have so far been certified by TBS after satisfying the requirements of specifications relevant to their products.

Mr. Mwakangale,  who was representing the TBS Director General,  mentioned the companies (their products in brackets) as Zanzibar Bottlers (carbonated drinks), Zanzibar Milling Corporation (wheat flour), Drop of Zanzibar (mineral water), Zainab Bottlers (Carbonated drinks), Zanzibar Tea Packers (roasted and ground coffee and blended black tea) and Alawy Supplies (facial tissues).

The Acting Director General said TBS has been striving to create awareness among the stakeholders from small entrepreneurs to big manufacturers on quality issues and standardization with the vision to be an organization that is internationally known as the centre of excellence in standardization and quality assurance activities.