TBS Set to Inspect,educate residents on food and cosmetics products Lake Zone

Posted On: Jan, 26 2021
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The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) plans to inspect and provide public education about cosmetic products to reach all people in Mwanza Region. Recently, TBS mounted inspections and raised the awareness of 13 groups of cosmetic products as most of them were still ignorant of the healthy use of cosmetics. This is part of TBS’ strategies to inspect and provide education on safe and healthy use of cosmetics so that it reaches people from all districts of Mwanza Region. The Acting Head of TBS Lake Zone, Evarist Mrema said inspections and education on cosmetic products involved retail and wholesale shops, distributors, super-markets and restaurants. “We are inspecting and providing education because most of the users still face the challenge of distinguishing safe cosmetics from toxic ones.” He said there were 13 groups of cosmetic products, starting with those used by children, including powder, shampoo and others were those used in bathrooms. He mentioned the other group of cosmetic products as those used in beautifying hair where there were various colours used for different hair styles and those hairs put over the original hair like rasta and wig hair styles all of which made part of the cosmetics. Other cosmetics mentioned are those used to smear on the skin like smearing oil, lotions and others put on fingers for women like artificial nails. On the list were also mentioned cosmetics used in beautifying eyes and the mouth by women which fall in the group. Speaking on inspection and education, most of the people said they were positive about the whole exercise because they had been using toxic cosmetic products without knowing side effects on their bodies. “TBS should continue with inspections and education even in rural areas to ensure all people are awareness of genuine cosmetic products,” he said.