TBS sets standards for mining sector

Posted On: Sep, 22 2020
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Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has developed more than 100 standards which will be used to safeguard the mining sector for goods and services involving in exploration, extraction and processing.

Speaking on the sideline of the ongoing 3rd Minerals and Technology exhibition in Geita, TBS Standards Officer, Filberta Magidanga said as the expansion of the mining sector has contributed to higher economic growth and increased exports and capital inflows in Tanzania, TBS has created standards that will ensure safety in the sector.

Ms Magidanga added: "These standards will cut-across to both large and small scale miners. The reason behind to formulate these standards is to make sure that mining activities in the country are conducted in safe environment."

"Exclusively, TBS has the role to undertake measures for quality control of products of all descriptions and to promote standardization in industry and commerce countrywide. That's why we developed these standards to control quality in mining and minerals sector," TBS Standards Officer said.

"We are proud to say that there are more than 100 standards that have already been gazetted for the mining and minerals sector."Standards such as guidelines on the establishment,use and management of refugee chambers,and classification of mine accidents ensure safety of personnel during mining activities,

She noted: "The standards have been developed by TBS Divisional Standards Committee which has the task to build up standards in terminologies, sampling methods, test methods, code of practices, classifications and specifications for goods and services involved in minerals exploration, extraction and processing."

Ms Magidanga pointed out that the committee oversees the activities of nine (9) Technical Committees formulating standards in mining and minerals sector.

She named areas that the standards will control including exploration, mine planning, operations and services, solid mineral fuels and related products, mining and earth moving equipment.

Others are advanced automated mining systems, ores and concentrates, Jewellery, lapidary, gemstones and precious metals, rare earth elements and minerals processing and equipment.

Some of the standards under development includes Mine closure and reclamation management and Grading polished and cut Tanzanite, hence making a call to all interested stakeholders to air out their comments in the formulation of these standards!