Certification Services

TBS operates three product certification schemes; namely the Standards Mark of Quality Certification Scheme; the Batch Certification Scheme and the Tested Product Certification Scheme. The Bureau also operates the Systems Certification Scheme.

Standards Mark Certification
The Standards Mark Certification Scheme allows manufacturers whose products have conformed to Tanzania standards to use the ‘tbs’ Standards Mark of Quality on their products. The scheme requires that the product complies with relevant Tanzania standards. The Standards Mark of Quality is a symbol which manufacturers may use to promote their products and consumers seek as prima facie evidence of quality.

The “tbs” Standards Mark of Quality on a product indicates that samples of the product are independently and routinely tested and certified by TBS against relevant Tanzania standards. The “tbs” Standards Mark of Quality is a registered trademark owned by TBS. Licence to use the mark is granted only to manufacturers conforming to the rigorous quality auditing requirements of the Standards Mark licencing procedures. The Standards Mark is a sign of product quality and gives assurance to both manufacturers and buyers that the products can be used safely and reliably.

The “tbs” Standards Mark of Quality makes people buy with confidence. On the other hand, it protects the manufacturers from competing with inferior products and enables them to prove to the market that their products satisfy all the requirements specified in the standards.


Batch Certification Scheme for Imports
Batch Certification Scheme for Imports is part of the implementation of Government Notice No. 672 of 1998 – The (Standards) Compulsory Batch Certification of Imports) Regulations. TBS operated a Batch Certification Scheme for all imports covered under compulsory standards.

Under this scheme, the Bureau is also in the process of implementing Pre-Shipment Verification of Conformity (PVoC) to standards program under which products quality will be verified in countries of origin.

Tested Product Certification Scheme
TBS runs the Tested Product Certification Scheme whereby the manufacturer claims to produce according to company, foreign or international standards which may not be available in Tanzania. The manufacturer’s product is tested in TBS laboratories according to the claimed standards and also on-site testing and inspection is done for quality ascertainment.

The Tested Product Certification Scheme is a scheme whereby the Bureau has not issued a standard for a product but which otherwise complies with appropriate standard as specified by the product specification and approved by Specification Approval Committee of the Bureau.

Management Systems Registration Scheme
TBS operates Management Systems Registration Scheme according to ISO 9000, 14000, 22000 Quality Management Systems and OHSAS 18000, an international occupational health and safety management system standard.

National Standardization System
TBS has an established National Standardization System through which national standards are formulated. This system is based on the worldwide ‘consensus principle’ which works through the use of technical committees.

These committees draw members from all stakeholder groups including industries, government ministries and institutions, research institutions, institutions of higher learning, business organizations and consumers. So far TBS has been able to finalize more than 1,000 Tanzania standards.

The finalized standards include product standards, test methods, codes of practice and codes of hygiene. The standards cover various sectors of the economy including food and agriculture, chemicals, textiles and leather, engineering, environment and general techniques.