Our Vision and Mission

The mission of TBS is to promote standardization and quality assurance in industry and commerce through standards development, certification, inspection, testing and metrology services for sustainable socio-economic development

The vision of TBS is to be a proficient institution in standardization, quality assurance and metrology services.

Our Quality Policy
Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) endeavours, as mandated, to deliver quality products that include standards and quality assurance services by meeting and even exceeding customers’ requirements so as to retain their loyalty. TBS provides resources and continually improves her processes to ensure that employees are capable of producing quality products at the right time consistently and that employees are responsible for the quality of their jobs.
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Core Values
a)  Accountability
Every TBS employee shall be personally responsible for the final quality of his/her job, exercise of diligence to duty and efficient utilization of resources.

b) Customer focus
We deliver services to meet maximum consumers’ expectations.

c) Quality culture
We employ the best available practices and professional values in performing our duties.

d) Team work
We work together through concerted efforts to achieve our corporate goals.

e) Transparency
We exercise openness, impartiality, accurately and promptly share information with all stakeholders.

f) Integrity
We constantly demonstrate impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards.