Director General’s Office

The Director General of the Bureau is the chief executive and accounting officer. His functions include implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors, overall human and material resource management, administration, execution of the Bureau’s policies, accounting and financial control of the Bureau. Three units report directly to Director General. The units are Legal Unit, Corporate and Public Affairs Unit and Internal Audit Unit. Each unit has its specific functions as follows:

Legal Unit

a) Advising the management on legal matters;
b) Taking care of all legal documents;
c) Drafting of legal documents;
d) Handling/attending legal matters relating to the Bureau.

Corporate and Public Affairs Unit

a) Overall corporate communication;
b) Coordination of staff welfare;
c) Receiving TBS visitors and arranging their accommodation;
d) Preparation of radio programs concerning standards and quality assurance;
e) Preparation of publicity materials and manuals;
f) Maintenance of media contacts;
g) Drafting press-releases;
h) Coordination of all standardization and quality assurance publicity;
i) Assisting in drafting and maintenance of corporate communication strategy.

Internal Auditing Unit

a) Routine auditing of payment and income documents;
b) Carrying out auditing duties regarding salaries, wages, cash, LPOs, imprests, bank accounts, revenue, etc;
c) Advising management on external audit reports;
d) Liaising with external auditors regarding TBS accounts.