Directorate Of Corporate Services

The Finance, Administration and Planning Department is responsible for overseeing budgeting and control of expenditure of the Bureau. It is also responsible for all issues concerning manpower development, management and administration. It is divided into six sections, namely Human Resource Management, Administration, Materials Management, Accounts, Maintenance and Planning and Market Research.

Human Resource Management Section
The Personnel Administration Section of the Bureau has the following functions:
a) Human resource selection and allocation;
b) Preparation and updating schemes of services and organization structure;
c) Implementation of Staff and Administrative Regulations;
d) Implementation of human resource management policies;
e) Preparation of personnel pension and insurance data;
f) Identifying employees’ training needs;
g) Processing of applications for employment;
h) Liaising with the Ministry of Labour and Trade unions on employees’ industrial relations;
i) Overseeing movement of files and other documents to the destinations in and outside the Bureau;
j) Preparation of training programs and coordinating their implementation;
k) Seeking training opportunities and appropriate training institutions for TBS staff;
l) Advising management on training policies;
m) Reviewing training program performance;
n) Recommending training budget;
o) Receiving and consideration of training applications from staff;
p) Receiving and recommending training offers from donors;
q) Recommending TBS staff for training programs available;

Administration Section
The Administration Section of the Bureau has the following function:
a) Planning and supervising security system for the Bureau;
b) Ensuring verification of assets moving in and out of the Bureau;
c) Overseeing property security and environmental and office cleanliness;
d) Advising management on safety measures of the working place;
e) General management of the office, kitchen, estates, transport and other facilities;
f) Staff welfare matters such as sports and games, canteen, burial services and any other welfare matters required for members of staff;
g) Participation in enforcing and updating Staff Regulations, Schemes of Service, Organization Structures and other policy documents.

Materials Management Section
The Materials Management Section has the following functions:
a) Raising requisition for purchases;
b) Follow up of orders and ascertainment of delivery;
c) Coordinating all purchasing functions of the Bureau;
d) Analysis and computation of stock reorder levels;
e) Maintenance of TBS inventory records.

Accounts Section
The Accounts Section has the following functions:
a) Preparation of payroll;
b) Maintenance of cashbook receipts;
c) Balance of cash book;
d) Preparation and undertaking of annual stock taking;
e) Preparation of monthly returns in terms of Pay As you Earn (PAYE), Parastatal Pension Fund (PPF), etc.;
f) Preparation of cash flow information reports;
g) Preparation of audit reports;
h) Preparation of monthly bank reconciliations.

Planning and Market Research Section
The Planning and Market Research Section has the following functions:
a) Carrying out planning activities related to standardization, quality control, certification, etc.;
b) Preparing the Bureau’s Activity Based Budget;
c) Coordinating all planning functions of the Bureau;
d) Compilation and production of regular reports of projects as required by the Bureau;
e) Preparation of project proposals and action plans for submission to the government or donors;
f) Provision of consultancy services to clients in standardization and quality control;
g) Assisting in the coordination of collaborative research activities;
h) Preparation of the annual financial and accounts report;
i) Evaluation of market research and development requirements of TBS;
j) Undertaking market research to provide information/statistics required for marketing, planning and management;
k) Marketing TBS services;
l) Preparation of promotional brochures;
m) Soliciting customer orders and processing them;
n) Attending customer feedback and complaints.

Maintenance Section
The Maintenance Section has the following functions:
a) Routine maintenance of equipment;
b) Planning and executing rehabilitation programs;
c) Overseeing all maintenance work within TBS;
d) Repairing machines and apparatus in laboratories.

The main functions of ICT and Documentation Department include implementation of suitable documentation, editing, ICT and information dissemination policies; and supporting technical departments in the fields of documentation, classification, codification, information dissemination, scanning, photocopying, and information technology.

The department is divided into three sections, namely Editorial and Reprography, Library and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Editorial and Reprography Section
The Editorial and Reprography Section has the following functions:
a) Type-setting of standards, standards related documents, promotional materials and other articles;
b) Reviewing, editing and proof-reading standards and standards related materials, promotional materials and other manuscripts;
c) Preparation of art work for the items to be printed;
d) Facilitation and overseeing of printing of standards, standards related documents, promotional materials and other articles;
e) Photocopying, duplicating, laminating and binding of various TBS documents;
f) Updating TBS website;
g) Attending to technical queries from technical secretaries.

Library Section
The Library Section has the following functions:
a) Information dissemination and retrieval;
b) Shelving and weeding of publications;
c) Sale of standards;
d) Offering current awareness services to TBS staff;
e) Information dissemination to business community through the National Enquiry Point (NEP);
f) Offering referral services to other libraries for information that is not found at the Bureau;
g) Acquisition of library materials;
h) Training newly recruited employees on library use;
i) General correspondence.

ICT Section
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Section has the following functions:
a) Establishment and maintenance of internal computer communication through the Local Area Network (LAN);
b) Training TBS staff in ICT, sustainable use of computers and basic troubleshooting;
c) Computers and printers routine maintenance;
d) Installation of programs and software;
e) Local Area Network (LAN) administration;
f) Website management.