Directorate of Quality Management

The Directorate of Quality Management is mandated with implementation of Tanzania standards and any other standards that local and foreign manufacturers are certified against. The department is divided into four sections, namely Certification, Inspection, Technical Assistance to Importers and Exporters and Quality Control.

Certification Section
The Certification Section oversees the implementation of standards through established certification schemes. Currently the section is operating the following schemes:

a) Standards mark certification scheme;
b) Tested product certification scheme;
c) Batch certification scheme for imports;
d) Management systems registration scheme.

Technical Assistance to Importers and Exporters Section
Every successful importer/exporter knows the value of information about conditions in targeted markets, customer preferences, competitors’ strategies, distribution systems, tariffs, quotas and so on. For this need, TBS established a service known as Technical Assistance to Importers and Exporters (TAIE). TAIE Section has the following functions:

a) It provides importers and exporters with essential information and advice on technical requirements, such as standards, regulations, codes of practice, testing and approval procedures in domestic and foreign markets;
b) Technical enquiry for identification of standards, technical requirements and approval procedures;
c) Pre-shipment inspection;
d) Pre-sale inspection;
e) Technical research and consultancy service.

Quality Control Section
The function of promoting standardization and quality assurance at the Bureau is vested in the Quality Control Section. The main functions of the section:

a) Conducting training and offering consultancy services to organizations. The training and consultancy services are categorized into standardization, quality assurance, quality improvement and laboratory techniques.
b) Conducting training on standard testing methods for testing various products, to ensure that local products comply with national and international standards.

Inspection Section
The Inspection Section has the following functions:

a) To conduct the day to day inspection and sample collection. This includes:

i) Batch inspections at the Dar es Salaam Port and other entry points like the airports, Sirari, Holili, Horohoro, Namanga, Tanga Port, etc. and at importers’ premises;
ii) Routine surveillance inspections to clients licensed to use the standards mark and those certified under tested product certification scheme;
iii) Pre-licence/certificate inspections to new applicants under standards mark and tested product certification.

b) To plan the inspection schedules in such a way that the inspections are conducted as per certification schemes and regulations;
c) To purchase open market samples for products certified under standards mark, tested product and batch certification schemes.