Directorate of Standards development

The Directorate of Standards Developmentā€™s main task is the formulation of Tanzania standards. The directorate also liaises with the Directorate of Quality Management in the promulgation of Tanzania standards. The Directorate coordinates the formulation of standards through various Technical Committees which are under supervision of a total of eight Divisional Committees.

The Directorate of Standards Development is divided in two departments:

a) Engineering Standards Department; and
b) Process Technology Standards Department.


The Engineering Standards Department is one of the two departments responsible for the preparation of Tanzania Standards, which is among the core functions of the Bureau. The department is constituted of four sections covering major sectors of the economy in the engineering field. These sections are:

a) Electrical Engineering;
b) Mechanical Engineering;
c) Building and Construction Engineering; and
d) General Techniques

Overall there are four Technical Committees


The Process Technology Standards Department is one of the two departments of the Bureau that coordinates the work of formulating national standards. The department handles standards under the following sections:

a) Food & agriculture;
b) Chemical industries;
c) Textiles and
d) Environment

Overall, four Divisional Committees  in the area of engineering, each of which supervises a number of Technical Committees