TBS Standards Catalogue

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) catalogue contains bibliographic information of over 1500 Tanzania standards (TZS), voluntary and compulsory.

They cover a number of areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environment, agriculture and food, packaging, labeling, textile, building and construction, manufacturing, information and communication technologies, energy, quality management, conformity assessment and services, to name a few.

The records contain information on the title, TZS number, number of pages and scope. The standards are classified to the International Classification for Standards (ICS).

TZS No. Year Title / Scope Pages Price (Tshs) File
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TZS 1515: 2012 (1st Ed) 2012
Food products – Determination of melamine in liquid and powder milk by ELISA (Routine method)
Prescribes procedures for the extraction and determination of melamine in liquid(fresh milk, UHT milk and condensed milk); and powder milk by ELISA Methods.
ICS: 67.050
10 Pg/s15,000/= USD 15
TZS 302:1988 (1st Ed) 1988
Textile – Determination of yarn strength parameters of spun yarn
Prescribes methods for determination of yarn strength parameters of yarns spun on cotton system using cotton count and Tex system.
ICS: 59.080.20
11 Pg/s20,000/=/ USD 20
TZS 989 (Part 2): 2009 (1st Ed) 2009
Fertilizer – Methods for chemical analysis of phosphate – Part 2: Determination of calcium oxide by the oxalate (volumetric) method
Describes the method for determination of calcium as calcium oxide in rock phosphate fertilizers.
ICS: 65.080
4 Pg/sTshs.10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 1928-3: 2017- ISO 6362-3: 2012 ( 1st ed) 2017
Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys — Extruded rods/bars, tubes and profiles — Part 3: Extruded rectangular bars — Tolerances on shape and dimensions
Specifies the tolerances on dimensions and shape of wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy extruded rectangular bars, having thicknesses in the range from 2 mm up to 240 mm and widths in the range from 10 mm up to 600 mm. It applies to extruded rectangular bars
ICS: 23.040.15 | ISO: 6362-3: 2012
7 Pg/sTshs. 15,000/= / USD 15
TZS 1671: 2014 (1st Ed) 2014
Dry whole peas — Specification
Specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for dry whole peas of varieties (cultivars) grown from Pisum sativum L. and Pisum sativum var. arvense (L.) Poir. intended for human consumption,

ICS: 67.060 | EAS: 759:2013
5 Pg/sTshs 10,000/= Usd 10
TZS 915: 2015- ISO 10691: 2004 2015
Gas cylinders — Refillable welded steel cylinders for liquified petroleum gas (LPG) — Procedures for checking before, during and after filling
Specifies the procedures to be adopted when checking transportable refillable welded steel LPG cylinders before, during and after filling
ICS: 23.020.30 | ISO: 10691:2004
7 Pg/sTshs.15,000/=/ USD 15
TZS 1530: 2012 (1st Ed)
Rubber - Determination of ash
Specifies two methods for the determination of ash from raw rubbers, compounded rubbers and vulcanizates. The methods are applicable to raw, compounded or vulcanized rubbers of the M, N, O, R and U families described in ISO 1629
ICS: 83.060 | ISO: 247: 2006
6 Pg/sTshs 15,000/= Usd 15
TZS 477: 2010 (2nd Ed) 2010
Textiles – Polyester cellulose shirting fabrics
Prescribes quality characteristics for varieties of shirting fabrics made from polyester staple and cellulose fibres and used for making shirts
ICS: 59.080.30
7 Pg/s15,000/=/ USD 15
TZS 1911-1: 2016- IEC 61427-1: 2013 (1st ed) 2016
Secondary cells and batteries for renewable energy storage — General requirements and methods of test — Part 1: Photovoltaic off-grid application
Gives general information relating to the requirements for the secondary batteries used in photovoltaic energy system (PVES) and to the typical methods of test used for the verification of battery performances. This part deals with cells and batteries used in photovoltaic off-grid applications
ICS: 29.220.20 | IEC: - IEC 61427-1: 2013
18 Pg/sTshs 25,000/=, USD 25
TZS 1741: 2015- ISO 28219: 2009 2015
Packaging — Labelling and direct product marking with linear bar code and two-dimensional symbols
Defines minimum requirements for identifying items;provides guidelines for item marking with machine-readable symbols;covers both labels and direct marking of items;includes testing procedures for label adhesive characteristics and mark durability;provides guidance for the formatting on the label of data presented in linear bar code, two-dimensional symbol or human readable form; is intended for applications which include, but are not limited to, support of systems that automate the control of items during the processes of: production; inventory; distribution; field service; point of sale; repair, and is intended to include, but it is not limited to, multiple industries including: automotive; aerospace; chemical; consumer items; electronics; health care; marine; rail; telecommunications.

ICS: 35.040 | ISO: 28219: 2009
49 Pg/sTshs. 55,000/= / USD 55
TZS 241(Part 1):2006 (2nd ed) 2006
Metallic materials – Rockwell hardness test – Part 1: Test method (scales A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, N, T)
Specifies the method for Rockwell and Rockwell superficial hardness test (scales and field of application according to Table 1) for metallic materials.
ICS: 77.040.10 | ISO: 6508-1: 2005
24 Pg/sTshs 30,000/= USD 30
TZS 56: 2015 2015
Beer – Specification
Specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for beer
ICS: 67.160.10 | EAS: 63: 2014
5 Pg/sTshs 10,000/=, USD 10
TZS 669: 2001 (1st Ed) 2001
Automotive radiators – Performance requirements – Specification
Specifies performance requirements for radiators used for automotive application. It also covers the performance of thermal output
ICS: 43.060.30
11 Pg/sTshs.20,000/=/ USD 20
TZS 1548 (Part 2): 2018(2nd Ed) 2018
Ophthalmic optics — Spectacle lenses — Fundamental requirements for uncut finished lenses
Specifies requirements for the optical and geometrical properties of semi-finished lens blanks with finished progressive-power and degressive-power surfaces
ICS: 11.040.70 | ISO: 10322-2: 2016
9 Pg/sTshs 15,000/= Usd 15
TZS 2281: 2018 2018
Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems — Part 1: Requirements
Contains principles and requirements for the competence, consistency and impartiality of bodies providing audit and certification of all types of management system.
ICS: 03.120.20 | ISO: 17021-1: 2015
48 Pg/sTshs. 55,000/= / USD 55
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