TBS Standards Catalogue

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) catalogue contains bibliographic information of over 1500 Tanzania standards (TZS), voluntary and compulsory.

They cover a number of areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environment, agriculture and food, packaging, labeling, textile, building and construction, manufacturing, information and communication technologies, energy, quality management, conformity assessment and services, to name a few.

The records contain information on the title, TZS number, number of pages and scope. The standards are classified to the International Classification for Standards (ICS).

TZS No. Year Title / Scope Pages Price (Tshs) File
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TZS 97 1980
Gas cylinders – Industrial – Identification of contents – Specification
It specifies a system requiring both legible marking of the cylinder with the name in abbReviated symbol of the gas it contains
ICS: 23.030.30
TZS 1598:2013(1st Ed) 2013
Ricotta cheese-Specification
Specifies requirements, methods of test and sampling for Ricotta cheese intended for direct consumption or for further processing.
ICS: 67.100.30
4 Pg/sTshs 10,000/= Usd 10
TZS 1157:2017 (2nd Ed) 2017
Green Coffee - Guidelines on methods of specification.
Gives guidance on methods to be used to describe green coffee for sale and purchase, and is based on the terms of contract used in the international coffee trade. It also recommends procedures for sampling, packing, marking, storage and shipping of green coffee.
ICS: 67.140.20 | ISO: 9116:2004
4 Pg/sTshs 10,000/= Usd 10
TZS 319: 2015- ISO 7514: 1990 2015
Instant tea in solid form — Determination of total ash
Specifies a method for the determination of the total ash of instant tea in solid form
ICS: 67.140.10 | ISO: 7514:1990
2 Pg/s10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 1971-9: 2017 - ISO 7240-9: 2012 (1st ed) 2017
Fire detection and alarm systems — Part 9: Test fires for fire detectors
Describes methods of test using test fires to which fire detectors, such as smoke, heat, flame are subjected as specified in other parts of ISO 7240 for such detectors.
ICS: 13.220.20 | ISO: 7240-9: 2012
54 Pg/sTshs 60,000/= USD 60
TZS 1829: 2016 - ISO 16212: 2008 (1st ed) 2016
Cosmetics — Microbiology — Enumeration of yeast and mould
Gives general guidelines for enumeration of yeast and mould present in cosmetics by counting the colonies on selective agar medium after aerobic incubation. In order to ensure product quality and safety for consumers, it is advisable to perform an appropriate microbiological risk analysis so as to determine the types of cosmetic products to which this International Standard is applicable. Products considered to present a low microbiological risk include those with low water activity, hydro-alcoholic products, products with extreme pH values, etc.
ICS: 07.100.99 | ISO: 16212: 2008
19 Pg/sTshs 25,000/=, USD 25
TZS 1247:2012(1st Ed) 2012
Fuel additives – Specification
Specifies fuel additives for gasoline (petrol) and/or gas oil (diesel) only.
ICS: 75.160.20
10 Pg/s10,000/=
TZS 1745: 2016 (1st ed) 2016
Fresh garlic — Specification
Applies to garlic of varieties (cultivars) grown from Allium sativum (L.) to be supplied either fresh, semi-dry or dry to the consumer, garlic for processing being excluded
ICS: 67.080.20
7 Pg/sTshs. 15,000/= / USD 15
TZS 112: 1981 (1st Ed) 1981
Milk – Production, processing, transportation and distribution – Code of hygiene
The code prescribes the hygienic conditions and hygienic practices for production, processing, storage, transportation and distribution, processing, storage, transportation and distribution of milk at the commercial level.
ICS: 67.100.
7 Pg/sTshs.15,000/=/USD 15
TZS 285 1986
Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switch gear – Specification
Covers specifications and test methods for unused mineral insulating oils intended for use in transformers, switch gear and similar electrical equipment
ICS: 29.140.10
13 Pg/s
TZS 1199-14: 2015 (1st ed) 2015
Methods of sampling and test for crude and refined glycerine Part 14: Limit test for organic chloride
Describes a turbidimetric limit test for organic chloride in crude and refined glycerol.

ICS: 71.080.60
2 Pg/sTshs 10,000/=, USD 10
TZS 321: 1988 (1st Ed) 1988
Textiles – Woven blended blankets – Specification
Gives constructional details and other particulars of five types of blended blankets. Values prescribing for percentage fibre content are also given.
ICS: 97.160
7 Pg/s15,000/=/ USD 15
TZS 712: 2015- ISO 696: 1975 2015
Surface active agents — Measurement of foaming power — Modified Ross-Miles method
Specifies a method of measurement of the foaming power of a surface active agent
ICS: 71.100.40 | ISO: 696:1975
5 Pg/sTshs.10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 475: 1992 (1st Ed) 1992
Rubber – Preparation of test pieces for physical test
Specifies methods of preparing test pieces from vulcanized rubber for use in test on rubber specified in other Tanzania Standards.
ICS: 83.060.00
5 Pg/s10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 739: 2010 (2nd Ed 2010
Cashew kernels – Specification
Specifies requirements and methods of sampling and test for kernels obtained from the nuts of the cashew nut tree (Anacerdium occidentale, Linnaeus) for human consumption.
ICS: 67.080.10
7 Pg/sTshs.10,000/=/ USD 10
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