TBS Standards Catalogue

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) catalogue contains bibliographic information of over 1500 Tanzania standards (TZS), voluntary and compulsory.

They cover a number of areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environment, agriculture and food, packaging, labeling, textile, building and construction, manufacturing, information and communication technologies, energy, quality management, conformity assessment and services, to name a few.

The records contain information on the title, TZS number, number of pages and scope. The standards are classified to the International Classification for Standards (ICS).

TZS No. Year Title / Scope Pages Price (Tshs) File
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TZS 1625:2013(1st Ed) 2013
Cultured sour milk- Specification
Specifies requirements, methods of sampling and test for cultured sour milk.
ICS: 67.100.10
4 Pg/s4,000/=
TZS 1074: 2009 (1st Ed) 2009
Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L)- Family H (hydraulic systems) Specifications for categories HFAE, HFAS. HFB, HFC, HFDR AND HFDU
Specifies the requirements of fire-resistance hydraulic fluids for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic hydraulic systems in general industrial applications. It is not used in aerospace or power generation applications, where different requirements apply.
ICS: 75.100 | ISO: 12922: 1999
8 Pg/s8,000/=
TZS 614: 1999 (1st Ed) 1999
Junction boxes for use in electrical installations with rated voltages not exceeding 250V – Specificati
Specifies requirements of junction boxes of surface or flush mounting types for use in fixed wiring installation in a.c. and d.c. circuits where the rated voltage do not exceed 250V and where the conductors are not subject to mechanical tension in normal use.
ICS: 29.120.30
24 Pg/s30,000/= USD 30
TZS 162: 2013 (2nd Ed) 2013
Jams, jellies and marmalade – Specification
Prescribes requirements and methods of test for jams, jellies and marmalades
ICS: 67. 080.20
12 Pg/sTshs. 20,000/= / USD 20
TZS 277:1986 1986
Footwear – Determination of strength of adhesion at the toe and at the heel of stuck-on or molded-on sole
Specifies a method for determining the strength of adhesion at the toe and at the heel of a stuck-on or molded-on sole of a complete footwear
ICS: 61.060.00
4 Pg/s10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 1244: 2010 (1st Ed) 2010
Pasteurized ulanzi Bamboo Alcoholic drink-Specification
Specifies requirements and methods of sampling and test for pasteurized ulanzi (bamboo alcoholic drink)
ICS: 67.160.10
6 Pg/s6,000/=
TZS 898: 2006 (1st Ed 2006
Textiles – Specifications for school wear for boys and girls – Requirements for making school wear
Specifies requirements for the manufacture, size, labeling and dry cleaning of all types of outwear garments intended for school wear.
ICS: 61.020.
4 Pg/s4,000/=
TZS 1602:2013 2013
Textile — Specification for knitted sweater
Specifies the requirements and method of test for bleached or dyed knitted sweater. Does not specify the general appearance, feel, luster or degree of colour of the sweater.
ICS: 61.020
11 Pg/s20,000/=/ USD 20
TZS 1873-1: 2016- ISO 15681-1: 2003 (1st ed) 2016
Water quality — Determination of orthophosphate and total phosphorus contents by flow analysis (FIA and CFA) — Part 1: Method by flow injection analysis (FIA)
It is applicable to various types of water (such as ground, drinking, surface, leachate and waste waters). This method is also applicable to the analysis of seawater, but with changes in sensitivity, by adaptation of the carrier and calibration solutions to the salinity of the samples.
ICS: 13.060.50 | ISO: 15681-1: 2003
19 Pg/sTshs 25,000/=, USD 25
TZS 861(Part 1): 2006 (1st Ed) 2006
Water quality – Determination of suspended solids by filtration through glass-fibre filters
Describes a method for the determination of suspended solids in raw waters, wastewaters and effluents by filtration through glass-fibre filters.
ICS: 13.060.30 | ISO: 11923:1997
6 Pg/sTshs 15,000/= USD 15
TZS 1860: 2016- ISO 7980: 1986 (1st ed) 2016
Water quality — Determination of calcium and magnesium —Atomic absorption spectrometric method
Specifies a method for the determination of dissolved Calcium and magnesium by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. lt is intended for the analysis of raw and drinking waters and tan be used for waters having a Calcium content of up to 50 mg/l and a magnesium content of up to 5 mg/l. For samples containing higher concentrations of Calcium or magnesium a smaller volume of the Sample must be taken for the analysis. When using the air/acetylene flame and the dilution factor 1 in 10, as described in 6.1, the Optimum range is 3 to 50 mg/1 for Calcium and 0,9 to 5 mg/l for magnesium.
ICS: 13.060.01 | ISO: 7980: 1986
3 Pg/sTshs. 10,000/= / USD 10
TZS 1293 (Part 2): 2010 2010
Test sieves- technical requirements and testing – Part 2: Test sieves of perforated metal plate
Specifies the technical requirement and corresponding test methods for sieves of perforated metal plate. It applies to test sieves having, round holes, with sizes from 125 mm down to 1 mm or square holes, with sizes from 125 mm down to 4 mm.
ICS: 19.120 | ISO: 3310-2:1999
10 Pg/s10,000/=
TZS 1955: 2017 - ISO 6183:1990 (1st ed) 2017
Fire protection equipment — Carbon dioxide extinguishing systems for use on premises — Design and installation
lays down requirements for the design and installation of fixed carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing Systems for use on premises. The requirements are not valid for extinguishing Systems on ships, in aircraft, on vehicles and mobile fire appliances or for below ground Systems in the mining industry, nor are they valid for carbon dioxide preinerting systems
ICS: 13.220.10
22 Pg/sTshs 35,000/= USD 35
TZS 2044: 2017- ISO 5985: 2002 (1st ed) 2017
Animal feeding stuffs — Determination of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid
specifies two procedures for animal feeding stuffs for the determination of the ash which is insoluble in hydrochloric acid.
The applicable procedure depends on the nature of the sample.
a) Procedure A is applicable to simple organic animal feeding stuffs and to compound feeding stuffs (except
those mentioned under procedure B).
b) Procedure B is applicable to minerals, mineral mixtures and compound feeding stuffs of which the ash
insoluble in hydrochloric acid exceeds 1 % (mass fraction), as determined by procedure A.
ICS: 67.100 | ISO: 5985: 2002
7 Pg/sTshs. 15,000/= / USD 15
TZS 107: 1982 (1st Ed) 1982
PVC – Insulated cables (non-armoured) for electrical power and lighting – Specification
Specifies requirements and dimensions for non-amoured PVC insulated cables for operation at voltage up to and including 450 V to earth and 750 Vac between phases
ICS: 29. 120
21 Pg/sTshs 30,000/=/USD 30
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