Management System Certification

1. About Management System Certification Body

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) provides Management Systems Certification Service to manufacturers and service providers from both public and private sectors regardless of their size and type of business. The certification service is provided to confirm that the organization or business entity carries out its activities in conformity with the requirements of International Standards. TBS Certification Body (CB) is guided by the International Standard ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 in providing this service.

1.1 Benefits of Management Systems Certification

The following are the advantages of Management Systems Certification;

a) Ability to maintain consistency;

b) Increase in customer's confidence;

c) Enhance customer’s satisfaction;

d) Identify and address the risks and opportunities associated with organization;

e) Ability to demonstrate conformity to the specified product or service requirements;

f) Increase in productivity, efficiency and reduction of wastes;

g) Compliance with necessary statutory and regulatory requirements;

h) Increase in competitive advantage;

i) Improved top management’s commitment and decision-making;

j) Improved working conditions and motivation for employees;

k) Improved image and reputation of the organization; and

l) Continual improvement.

1.2 Technical Guidance

Management Systems Certification Body offers technical assistance in areas of certification services and understanding of the requirements of the standards and auditing against respective International Standards.

Technical assistance programmes are designed and implemented to promote understanding of requirements of the key certification and accreditation standards. This is conducted by competent personnel in the relevant field.

However, implementation of these programmes is neither a pre-condition nor a guarantee for certification by the Body. In addition, the Body does not offer specific advice for the development of business operations for the sake of maintaining impartiality principles.

2. Certified Firms

The Bureau delivers Management Systems Certification Services to various firms of different operations against International Standards.

Kindly click the following links to view certified firms under the outlined specific standards:

certified firms under iso 9001 2015 quality management system 2024 03 11

certified firms under iso 22000 2018 food safety management system 2023 10 30

certified firms under haccp 2024 01 08

certified firms under iso 14001 2015 environment management system 2023 08 04

certified firms under iso 45001 2018 occupational health and safety management system 2023 08 04

3. Certification Schemes for Management Systems Certification

TBS Certification Body (CB) offers Management Systems Certification Services to the following International Standards:

a) ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS);

b) ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS);

c) HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points;

d) ISO 21001:2018 Educational Organization Management Systems (EOMS);

e) ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS);

f) ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OH&SMS); and

g) ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System.

4. Management System Certification Steps

a) Make application through an application form filled in an online portal ( or contact nearest TBS office for enquiries;

b) The application will be reviewed by the CB’s officer and cost quotation issued;

c) Upon payment of the certification fees, Stage 1 Audit is conducted. This stage consists of reviewing client’s Management Systems documented procedures and processes against requirements of International Management System Standard;

d) Stage 2 Audit consists of on-site audit of activities in the firm to check conformity of the implemented quality management systems against the requirements of International Management Systems Standard and organization’s documented procedures and regulations. This stage is conducted within six (6) months upon successful completion of Stage 1 Audit;

e) Upon successful completion of stage 1 and 2 audit of the relevant standard, the client will be granted with a Management Systems Certificate valid for 3 years from the date of issue;

f) The first (1st) surveillance audit is conducted within 12 months after granting certification to confirm effective implementation of the requirements of relevant Management Systems Standard; and

g) The second (2nd) surveillance audit is conducted once per year after the 1st surveillance audit to confirm and maintain the implementation including effectiveness of the client’s Management Systems.

5. Management Systems Certification Enquiries

For Management Systems Certification Enquiries, you are requested to send your concern to the Certification Body (CB) through by indicating your name, phone number and physical address for record purposes.

6. Management Systems Certification Policies

The following are different policies under Management Systems Certification:

policy for certification fees charges and tearms of payment

policy for conditions for the use of certification marks

policy for confidentiality

policy for impartiality

policy for suspension withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification

policy for handling non conformities

7. Confidentiality

Auditor is required to read and fill in the following form and submit through

code of conduct and ethics

8. Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

The Bureau earmarks and values feedback and appeals from the client as a way to improve service delivered by the Management Systems Certification Body.

Please submit complaints via iSQMT or email to or

Feedback can be filled in the attached customer feedback form new and sent to

Clients may appeal on any decision of the Management System Certification Services as per Standards Act. CAP 130