TBS through the Training Section has engaged in imparting useful skills in the area of standardization and quality assurance in industry and commerce sectors with a view to complement national efforts to offer products and services of better quality and higher competitive edge on both the internal and external markets. The Bureau also provide outstanding and professional training services to its customers. This is to ensure that training remains relevant and maximizes return on investment.

The Bureau is further committed in providing knowledge, not only nationally, but also to its partners within the East African Community (EAC), Southern African Development Community (SADC) and all interested parties.

The Bureau currently offers training courses on standardization and quality assurance; Management systems certification standards; Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Consultancy Services. The priority areas of the training courses offered include training of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises (MSMEs);technical assistance to uncertified SMEs;training in management systems (ISO Standards requirements) and training in Standardization and Quality Assurance for importers/exporters

Standardization and quality assurance

TBS offer trainings, seminar, and workshops on standardization and quality assurance to MSMEs with emphasis to uncertified SMEs, importers/exporters and others customers (upon request).Also collaborates with other public and private sectors to provide these services.

Training in Management systems (ISO Standards requirements)

As part of our continuous improvement the following are the areas of the current courses offered:

a) Quality management system (QMS) - ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the standard that sets out requirements for quality management system which focused on customer requirements and enhancing of customer satisfaction. This standard is generic and applicable to organization regardless of its type, size, or products and any services it provides.

b) General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories ISO - 17025/Medical laboratories — Requirements for quality and competence - ISO 15189

Implementation of these standards promotes confidence in the operation of laboratories which enable them to operate competently and able to generate reliable testing results which can acceptable over the world. Also this can lead the process of seeking laboratory accreditation can hence the acceptance of the results of an organization testing and calibration and medical processes and their activities worldwide.

c) Environmental management system, ISO 14001,

Environmental management system (ISO 14001) is a powerful tool to help organization to successfully meet financial, regulatory, statutory as well as environmental challenges.

Through implementation of ISO 14001 helps your organization to meet the environmental laws, regulations and policy requirements. Similarly helps your organization to reduce environmental liability and cost of waste management, saving consumption of energy and improve and maintain perception of your organization to the public and other stakeholders.

d) Food safety management system, ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is applicable to all organization regardless of size and complexity. Organizations that are directly or indirectly involved include, but are not limited to, feed producers, animal food producers, harvesters of wild plants and animals, farmers, producers of ingredients, food manufacturers, retailers, and organizations providing food services, catering services, cleaning and sanitation services, transportation, storage and distribution services, suppliers of equipment, cleaning, disinfectants, packaging materials and other food contact materials.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System —Requirements for any organization in the food chain (TZS 1770)

Prescribes the requirements for establishment, implementation and maintenance of a HACCP system as a preventive system so as to ensure safety of the food. It is applicable to any organization

Consultancy Services

TBS assists organizations which need/require to implement management system services in the following areas: documentation of manual, procedures, risk matrix, scope, operational process, objectives quality plans, conduct internal audit, management review and other based on management system requirements.

Duration: Consultancy service depends on the context of the organization.

Expected output: Management System manual, standard operating procedures, identified operational process (SOPs), documented risk matrix and mitigation mechanisms, work instructions, forms, audit plan, audit objectives, internal audit report, management review outputs and others based on management system requirements.