Fuel Marking

Fuel marking is the introduction of a unique identifier (marker) in trace quantities into petroleum products at depots before distribution in the market. Markers are used to guarantee product integrity, as well as protect against counterfeiting, adulteration and tax fraud.

Fuel Marking Services operations in TBS started in April 2021 and up to 8th May 2021 all the depots in mainland Tanzania were in operations.

Fuel depots which are in operations includes;

PUMA, TOTAL/GAPCO, GBP, Camel Oil, OILCOM, ORYX, Super Star Forwarders (SSF), Vivo Energy, Star Oil all located in Kurasini.

Also SAHARA Group, WORLD Oil-Terminal 1, LAKE Oil, HASS Petroleum, AFROIL, WORLD Oil-Terminal 2, Mansoor Industries Limited (MOIL) and TIPER are located in Kigamboni. However, there are Oilcom and GM Limited in Mtwara and GBP in Tanga making a total of twenty (20) depots in full operations.

Fuel Marking services has been executed under two main parts namely; Fuel doping by Marker and Marker detection in concentration(ppm) by Mobile Laboratories fixed with XRF analysers.