Environmental Standards in Pipeline

Posted On: Jun, 13 2022
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Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has prepared over 200 environmental management standards that would be used for making regulations which are fundamental in environmental protection and management.

The remarks were made here over the weekend by the Environmental Standards Officer from TBS, Nasra Yusuf while speaking about environmental issues to participants of the Youth and Environment festival held in Kibaha District, Coast Region.

"The Youth and Environmental festival has been an important platform in educating the public about various issues pertaining to environment management standards to enhance their participation in protecting the environment," she said.

She said environmental standards are typically set prohibit specific activities, mandating the frequency and methods of monitoring, and requiring permits for the use of land or water.
Some of the Environmental Management Standards are namely sewage, air pollution, sound pollution, solid wastes, noise characteristics, fuel venting and exhaust emissions, radiation rays, and environmental control.

She explained that by putting environmental standards it will be easy to note to what extent certain amount of wastes can pollute the environment.

She added that the environmental standards should preserve nature and the environment, protect against damage, and repair past damage caused by human activity.
She cited how excessive sound can cause problems to others and their health and thus the standards and regulations to be deployed will help regulate and bring harmony to the society.

For example excessive sound in in residential areas and hospitals may cause disturbances to the people as well as health problems.
She urged the general public to visit TBS offices to get more information and a copy of environmental standards