Technical Assistance to Exporters

Technical Assistant to Exporters (TAE) is a service which provides exporters with essential information and advice on foreign technical requirements in foreign markets.

Normally the exporting requirement in terms of Quality Assurance and Conformity Assessment is determined by importing countries. However, Tanzania Bureau of Standards wish to inform the public that it offers technical assistance to exporters who need to export various products to EAC, Africa and other countries in the world.

The program is categorised in three categories as follow:

  1. Small Quantities (Less than 5Kg per item)
  2. Licenced/Certified Products
  3. Large quantities-uncertified Products

Procedure For Application

1)Small Quantities Consignments (less than 5kg per item)

For these categories of products such as samples, gifts, personal effects that are less than 5kg part, exporters need to register and submit their application online though a link and the application will be processed online. The cost of this service is TZS 30,000/=

2)Large Quantity certified products

Application is done online though a link , client will be required to indicate the TBS certified manufacturer (s) and the licence number of the particular product they need to export. This application is processed free of charge.

3)Large Quantity uncertified products

Applicant under this category is required to submit their application manually by writing an official later addressing to the Director General (TBS) and submit it to the nearest TBS office. The same will be processed and client will be issued with fees which include testing and inspection charges. Upon payment of the required fees, sampling and testing for quality ascertainment will be done and there after client will be issued with Export certificate.