TBS counsels manufacturers on standards

Posted On: Dec, 27 2022
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Manufacturers have been advised to comply with the country’s standards by ensuring the quality and safety of the products which they produce for domestic and regional markets.

The advice was given by the Mwanza Regional Administrative Secretary Mr Patrick Kurangwa who represented the Regional Commissioner of Mwanza Mr Adam Malima at the granting of licences and certificates to manufacturers whose products met the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) quality standards.

“The government through TBS will ensure the necessary guidelines relating to the quality and safety of the products are given in time to ensure products that did not meet the required standard are removed from the market,” he said.

“It is our responsibility to ensure all products are meeting the required standards,” Mr Kurangwa said.

He also added that in implementing this, the government has continued to provide education to the stakeholders in the protection of the health of users and the entire environment in the Mwanza region and other regions of Tanzania.

Adding to the matter, the Bureau’s Head for the Lake Zone, Eng. Joseph Mwaipaja said the certificates and the licenses of quality that have TBS mark of Standards are divided into three categories namely large and small manufacturers, and small entrepreneurs dealing with products like food, cosmetics, building materials, mechanical equipment, containers, and packaging.

He said the licensed products will increase the public trust in the quality, making the products acceptable to the markets without further tests.

“The products will be competitive and shall penetrate the East African Common Market without barriers,” he insisted.

Mr Mwaipaja called upon manufacturers who received the licenses and quality certificates to act as good ambassadors to achieve the goal of industrialising Tanzania, especially during this period when the country is in a medium economy.