TBS Urges Engineers to Participate in Setting Goods Standards

Posted On: Sep, 07 2021
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Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has appealed to engineers to take active part in the setting of standards for various goods produced in the country that would ultimately enhance their knowledge on standards.

The appeal was made by the TBS Inspector, Domisiano Rutahala over the weekend at the 18th engineers’ exhibition held in Dodoma City.

“Engineers play an important role in the production of goods in the country therefore, their participation in setting standards by sharing their opinions will benefit not only the organization but the nation as well,” he said.

For this reason, engineers are supposed to participate in the setting of standards process in order to bring a common understanding of national standards prepared for the various products produced in the country.

Mr Rutahala went on to clarify that the process of setting standards normally involves different stakeholders from relevant sectors who meet to set national standards and later the standards that have been set are uploaded to the TBS website so as to get suggestions and to urge engineers to participate in the vital process to benefit the nation.

Speaking on the benefits of standardization, Mr Rutahala said it is to bring equality in the business arena, facilitate trade between countries and protect the health and safety of product consumers.

On her part the TBS Marketing Officer, Rhoda Mayugu said that the exhibition has been used to sensitize the public on the responsibilities of TBS, which includes product quality verification, registration of food and cosmetics premises, food and cosmetics registration and technical support for exporters.

In the case of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME’s) for which TBS guarantees the quality of their products for free the goal is to ensure that all products produced in the country meet the quality of the product.

He used the opportunity to call on entrepreneurs to make sure they take the opportunity to come forward with TBS to prove the quality of their products for free, as all costs are paid by the government.

He said what entrepreneurs need to have before going to TBS to verify the quality of their products is to have introductory letter from Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) and after that the process starts immediately.

Some of the entrepreneurs, who verified the quality of their products at different times with this magazine in their commercial activities, said they have now been able to overcome the commercial barriers they were facing earlier.

One of the entrepreneurs, Anna John, a resident of Dar es Salaam, said that before getting a quality standard mark every time she took her products to the market, she was asked if it had a TBS quality mark.

“That was such a big obstacle for me, but since I got the mark I now sell my products even in neighboring countries and I am not asked for the quality mark,” she remarked.

"So I urge my fellow entrepreneurs to come to TBS to prove the quality of their product for free, so they have no reason to stay behind, let us see the success we have achieved," said John.