TBS Urges Industrial Owners to Observe Safety

Posted On: May, 11 2022
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Industrial owners and other manufacturers have been urged to ensure that their operations are conducted in areas that meet the standards as a way to protect the health of consumers.

The advice was given by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Domisiano Rutahala while speaking with participants in the just ended Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) exhibition held in Dodoma recently.

He said TBS participated in the exhibition because of its huge role in the whole production chain and in particular, the promotion of the industrial sector in the country.

According to Rutahala, one of the TBS obligations is to prepare and manage goods standards of all goods produced in the country.

He, therefore, said ensuring quality control, and safety of the goods is one of the obligations of the TBS.

In all the TBS operations and inspections they have been insisting on issues related to safety and importantly all the procedures needed for manufacturers to meet the quality standards