Adhere to standards, salt stakeholders challenged

Posted On: Nov, 13 2023
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Salt dealers have been asked to produce and package the product based on standards, quality and safety to protect consumers’ health and find more markets in and outside the country.

Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Col. Ahmed Abbas Ahmed made the call on Monday opening training for salt stakeholders to solve challenges in the salt industry in the country.

The two-day training has been provided by the Tanzania Standards Board (TBS) with the aim of building capacity so that the beneficiaries produce quality products that meet the standards.

“This is in line with the government's ambition to develop the industrial sector so that the country can be self-sufficient in the production of various products,” the RC said

He stated that due to the government's desire to be self-sufficient in the production of products, it is important to consider the required quality and standards.

RC Ahmed said that the training has come at the right time when the government is determined to develop industries to provide employment in various cadres as well as enable our products to compete in local, regional and international markets.

"Therefore, I would like to give an opinion to you participants of this training, listen carefully and contribute to the topic in the training so that you can gain expertise and use it when you return to your activities," said Col. Ahmed.
Opening the training in Lindi District, Lindi Regional Administrative Secretary, Zuwena Omary said that the training of salt stakeholders has come at the right time especially by highlighting that the government is fighting to ensure that the products produced in the country meet international standards and compete in the market.

Zuwena asked the participants to make good use of this opportunity of the presence of these institutions in this training because these are among the institutions that touch our needs in the operation and improvement of our activities in the salt sector.

She praised TBS for the good preparation of the training and asked for the procedure to conduct such training for salt stakeholders to be sustainable

The training was based on the requests of the stakeholders through various meetings of the integrated committee to solve the challenges of the salt industry in the country. The sessions included various institutions including TBS. In the training, presenters from TBS, Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) and Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO).