TBS on Course in Inspection of Local Electric Car

Posted On: Apr, 27 2022
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The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has completed the preliminary inspection and testing of the local made electric car and advised minor improvements before issuing license for it to enter the market.
This was unveiled in Dar es Salaam yesterday by the Minister for Investment, Industry and Trade, Dr Ashatu Kijaji during her visits to TBS.
“TBS has identified few things in the local made electric car that need to be worked on before issuing licence and certification for entering in the market,” Dr Kijaji said.
She noted that when all the things advised by TBS will be worked on, the car will be licenced and ready to enter the market and operate in the country.
She said that TBS experts are expected to meet with Mr Ally Masoud, the owner of the first-ever locally made electric car and advise him on the things to be worked on, particularly on the wheel steering and the chassis.
A 49-year-old cartoonist, radio producer and radio presenter Mr Masoud unveiled his electric car in Dar es Salaam recently.
Moreover, Dr Kijaji assured him that the government will continue providing all necessary support to ensure mass production of the type of car is made possible.
In line with this, Dr Kijaji said the government is encouraging the youth to cultivate a culture of creativity, a fundamental initiative in creating self-employment and contributing to the country’s economic development.
“Mr Masoud’s creativity is sending a very important message to all the youth in the country; that it is possible to make their dreams come true by developing their ideas,” she said.
Dr Kijaji noted that the government through her ministry and the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) has been working closely with Mr Masoud since when he started to develop the car.
“TBS must oversee that all goods meet the country’s quality standards, which is necessary for the safety of the people’s health as well as protecting the country from being a damping place,” she said.
She added, “This is why the locally made electric car was brought here at TBS to get inspected and tasted in regard to its quality to see if it meets the country’s standards before certification is granted and a license issued for mass production.”
Speaking recently, Mr Masoud said since Tanzania does not have this technology for making the engine; Kaypee Motors bought it from outside the country for a reasonable price. The chassis and body were procured locally.
He said his journey to making the electric car began in 2013 when he started thinking about the issue and he first designed a small truck that he resolved to make.
He said Kaypee Motors has started receiving some orders, adding that his company is trying to solicit funds for machines to enable it to go for mass production.