Manufacturers told to observe goods standards

Posted On: May, 11 2023
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Manufacturers have been urged to observe goods standards in order to compete in the domestic and global markets.

Equally, by keeping the required standards, their goods can penetrate a wider market as well as sustaining competitiveness in global markets.

The Dodoma Regional Administrative Secretary Mr Ally Gugu said here that observing goods standards guarantee consumers safety and boost their sales volume.

Mr Gugu made the remarks during the event to provide certificates and licenses to manufacturers after their goods met the require quality standards by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

He said providing certificates and licenses for using quality mark standards to manufacturers give assurance to consumers that the goods were produced in safe and hygienic environment.

He said one of the government obligations is to ensure that its citizens consume goods that have been produced in safe and hygienic environment.

“The government through TBS will make sure important information on quality and safety of the goods are made available on time and low quality goods are removed from the market,” he added.

Mr Gugu urged TBS to continue providing education when making inspections in industries and market places to make sure that goods standards are observed.

He encouraged manufacturers to be good ambassadors to other producers who are yet to acquire quality mark of standards with an ultimate goal to have all goods in the market meet the required domestic and global standards.

On his part, the TBS Central Zone Manager Mr Nickonia Mwambene said the manufacturers in Dodoma, Singida and Tabora were granted certificates and licenses after their goods meeting the TBS standards.

One of the benefits that the manufacturers will get for certifying their goods is the penetration of a wider market as well as enhancing their competitiveness in the market.