MSMEs advised on product verification

Posted On: Feb, 09 2024
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MICRO, Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) have been advised to verify their products to penetrate both regional and global markets.

The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Public Relations Officer Ms Neema Mtemvu said in a statement during the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) fourth Exhibition in Njombe Region recently, “To capitalise on the global markets, product quality is of paramount importance,”

She said the product verification will lead to the production of quality and standard products, thus enabling entrepreneurs to sustain the competition in global markets.

She added that due to low-quality products entrepreneurs fail to capitalise on global markets.

She added TBS’s involvement in the exhibition is to continue creating awareness of various tasks conducted by the standards authority to enable them (SMEs) to excel economically.

She stressed that the government is optimistic about developing small and medium industries thus, TBS collaborates with SIDO through the verification programme to enable SMEs to verify their goods with no charges for the first three years.

Earlier this year, TBS announced that the government covers the process bill since it has set aside 150m/- and 200m/- per year for the exercise.

“The government has allocated this amount of money per year as operational costs…entrepreneurs should come forward for the exercise,” announced Mr Athuman Ngenya, TBS’s Director General.

She stressed that entrepreneurs are required to attend the training course from SIDO to acquire the acknowledgement letter to be accepted for the verification process.

Ms Mtemvu noted that the purpose is to ensure products manufactured in the country have met the required standards.