TBS explores this year’s Ghana Expo to create public awareness

Posted On: Jan, 31 2024
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The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has taken advantage of the Ghana Expo 2024-Tanzania to create awareness on the institution’s responsibilities regarding the procedure for importing goods.

Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Rhoda Mayugu, TBS marketing officer said that they have provided education to visitors from Ghana, many of whom asked about the procedures for importing products into the country to meet the requirements of Tanzanian standards.

“The education has been given to the participants and many of whom commended TBS, because even when they brought their products for the exhibition, they received good service without any inconvenience,” said Mayugu.

In addition, she said the locals Entrepreneurs who visited TBS booth were told about the procedures for obtaining a quality mark that will help them expand the scope of promoting their products in the East African region.

She also stated that they have provided education to the participants who visited the exhibition who wanted to learn about the basic information found in products that meet the standards for use.

They were told that the best product should have a quality mark as well as showing the expiry date of the relevant product.

Mayugu asked the consumers of the products in the country to read the information found in the product packaging to identify the expiration date and the quality mark so that they can be sure of the safety of the product in question, calling on producers and importers of products in the country to produce and import products that meet the standards for human consumption.

Adamu Mitumba, TBS inspection officer said importers should send samples of food and cosmetics products before being imported into the country.

“Cosmetics and food products need to be certified by TBS, if the trader is exporting these products, samples must be submitted to TBS and if they meet the standards will be allowed to bring the goods and for goods that are non-cosmetics and food, TBS agents in the relevant Zone should be involved,” said Mitumba.