Women, youth entrepreneurs urged to upskill tech skills

Posted On: Jun, 03 2024
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Small scale women and youth entrepreneurs have advised to produce quality standard goods as a stepping stone to graduate to large scale business.

This was said by the Quality Control Officer at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Ms Vaileth Kisanga during the five-day Women and Youth Exhibitions that ended in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

“There is no shortcut. For women and youth entrepreneurs to grow to large scale business must produce quality standard goods that can sustain market competitions locally, regionally and globally,” she said.

She said through TBS, women and youth entrepreneurs can register their businesses and obtain a quality mark standard which is key in penetrating local and global markets.

Women and youth entrepreneurs form the largest group of people engaging in small businesses in the country. Thus, empowering them technologically is fundamental in expanding their businesses and contributing to country’s development.

She asaid TBS also used the opportunity to educate the traders’ goods certification, registration of business premises and products.

“If TBS and stakeholders particularly traders cooperate, we shall boost our country’s economy since our products will easily penetrate the regional and global markets,” she said.

The government through TBS will ensure the necessary guidelines relating to the quality and safety of the products are given in time to ensure products that did not meet the required standard are removed from the market.

The government has been putting more effort to build a strong economy which is sustainable and it is from this backdrop that TBS is continuing to provide education to producers and consumers on the need to abide by quality standards.