TBS Standards Catalogue

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) catalogue contains bibliographic information of over 1500 Tanzania standards (TZS), voluntary and compulsory.

They cover a number of areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environment, agriculture and food, packaging, labeling, textile, building and construction, manufacturing, information and communication technologies, energy, quality management, conformity assessment and services, to name a few.

The records contain information on the title, TZS number, number of pages and scope. The standards are classified to the International Classification for Standards (ICS).

TZS No. Year Title / Scope Pages Price (Tshs) File
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TZS 1792: 2016 (1st Ed) 2016
Safety and control devices for gas burners and gas-burning appliances — Particular requirements — Part 3: Gas/air ratio controls, pneumatic type
Specifies the safety, construction and performance requirements for gas/air ratio
controls, pneumatic type (hereafter referred to as “ratio control”), for inlet pressures up to and including 50 kPa,
of a nominal connection size up to and including DN 250, intended for use with gas appliances using fuel
gases as natural gas, manufactured gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It also describes the test
procedures for evaluating these requirements and specifies information necessary for installation and use.
ICS: 27.060.20 | ISO: 23551-3:2005
10 Pg/sTshs 15,000/= Usd 15
TZS 491: 1992 (1st Ed) 1992
Textiles – Sisal agricultural baler twines for automatic pick balers and similar machines – Specification
Classifies and covers the essential requirements of sisal baler twines, used in the baling of straw, heavy or similar crops.
ICS: 59.080.50
7 Pg/s15,000/=/ USD 15
TZS 1936-1: 2017- ISO 7404-1: 2016 2017
(1st ed)
Methods for the petrographic analysis of coals — Part 1: Vocabulary
Defines terms that are used in connection with both maceral and microlithotype analyses, and with the determination of the reflectance of vitrinite. It applies to the terms used in the
examination of coal of all ranks. It is not intended to be a comprehensive glossary of coal petrographic terminology, nor does it attempt to provide sufficient information to allow recognition of all the coal components described. Further information may be obtained from the relevant ICCP publications [3][4][5].
ICS: 73.040 | ISO: 7404-1: 2016
6 Pg/s15,000/= / USD 15
TZS 1006: 2009 (1st Ed) 2009
Metre rules and rulers for the school and office use – Specification
Specifies the requirements for metre rules and rulers for schools and office use.
ICS: 17.040.30
4 Pg/sTSHS 10,000/=/ USD 10,000
TZS 131: 2010 (2nd Ed) 2010
Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuff: General guidance for enumeration of yeasts and moulds- Colony Count technique at 25oC
General guidance for enumerative of yeasts and moulds- Colony Count Technique at 25oC It gives general guidance for the enumeration of viable yeasts and moulds in products intended for human consumption or animal feeding stuffs by means of colony count at 25oC
ICS: 07.100.30 | ISO: ISO 7954:1987
7 Pg/sTshs.15,000/=/USD 15
TZS 2286: 2018- ISO 21102: 2013 2018
Adventure tourism — Leaders — Personnel competence
Indicates what the market normally considers as desirable competencies and
the related expected results of competencies for adventure tourism activity leaders common to any
adventure tourism activity.
ICS: 03.200 | ISO: 21102: 2013
8 Pg/sTSHS 15,000/= USD 15
TZS 974: 2008 (1st Ed) 2008
Soil quality – Determination of cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, nickel and zinc in aqua regia extracts of soil – Flame and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric methods
Specifies two methods for determination, by atomic absorption spectrometry, of one or more of cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, nickel and zinc, in aqua regia extracts of soil obtained in accordance with ISO 1146.
ICS: 13.080 | ISO: 11047:1998
18 Pg/sTshs.25,000/=/ USD 25
TZS 1615: 2014(1st Ed) 2014
Bonded abrasive products — General requirements
Covers bonded abrasive products in general (grinding wheels, segments, sticks and stones) excluding abrasive products with diamond or cubic boron nitride. It gives the designation, the main form and denomination of bonded abrasive products, the standard profile of straight wheels, the range of outside diameters, the range of thickness, the range of bore diameters specifications the making
ICS: 25.100.70 | ISO: 525: 1999
19 Pg/sTshs 25,000/= Usd 25
TZS 960: 2007 (1st Ed) 2007
Starch – Determination of ash
Specifies a method for the determination of the ash content yielded by starches
ICS: 67.040) | ISO: 3593: 1981
2 Pg/sTshs.10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 1108:2009 (1st Ed) 2009
Fertilizers- Determination of phosphorous content- Quinolinephosphomolybdate- Gravimetric method
Specifies a gravimetric method using quinolinephosphomolybdate for the determination of phosphorus (expressed as diphosphoruspentaoxide) in a solution prepared from natural mineral phosphates or fertilizers.
ICS: 65.080 | ISO: 6598: 1985
3 Pg/s10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 255: 1985 (1st Ed) 1985
Steel – Chemical analysis – Determination of total carbon by volumetric method
Describes the volumetric methods of determining carbon in plain carbon, low alloy and high alloy steels after combustion of the sample in a stream of oxygen.
ICS: 77.080.01
3 Pg/sTshs 10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 273 1986
Blades – Safety razor – Specification
Covers the requirements for double edged safety razor- blades used for shaving
ICS: 97.170.00
5 Pg/s10,000/=/ USD 10
TZS 1936-4: 2017- ISO 7404-4: 1988 2017
(1st ed)
Methods for the petrographic analysis of bituminous coal and anthracite — Part 4: Method of determining microlithotype, carbominerite and minerite composition
Specifies a method, using a graticule with 20 crossline intersections, for determining the proportions of microlithotypes, carbominerite and minerite in coals. lt applies only to determinations made on polished particulate blocks using reflected white light.
ICS: 73.040 | ISO: 7404-4: 1988
6 Pg/s15,000/= / USD 15
TZS 18: 2009 (2nd Ed) 2009
Steel – Panel pins – Specification
Specifies dimensions, quality requirements and sampling of panel pins made from mild steel round wire
ICS: 77.140
4 Pg/sTshs 10,000/=, USD 10
TZS 1423:2011 2011
Textiles – Knitted upholstery fabrics for indoor furniture – Specifications
Covers the performance specification required for a knitted upholstery fabric, as used in the manufacture of indoor furniture for general domestic use.
ICS: 59.080
8 Pg/sTSHS 15,000/=, USD 15
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