TBS Standards Catalogue

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) catalogue contains bibliographic information of over 1500 Tanzania standards (TZS), voluntary and compulsory.

They cover a number of areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, environment, agriculture and food, packaging, labeling, textile, building and construction, manufacturing, information and communication technologies, energy, quality management, conformity assessment and services, to name a few.

The records contain information on the title, TZS number, number of pages and scope. The standards are classified to the International Classification for Standards (ICS).

TZS No. Year Title / Scope Pages Price (Tshs) File
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TZS 1199-5: 2015 (1st ed) 2015
Methods of sampling and test for crude and refined glycerine Part 5: Determination of alkalinity and acidity — Volumetric method

Specifies a titrimetric method for the determination of the alkalinity or acidity of glycerines for industrial use.

ICS: 71.080.01
2 Pg/sTshs 10,000/=, USD 10
TZS 1875–1: 2016 (1st ed) 2016
Thermoplastic dustbin and lid — Specification — Part 1: Dustbin
Specifies requirements, performance and test methods for both rotational and injection moulded thermoplastic dustbins (excluding lids) for use with normal household refuse, except hot ashes, and having capacities from 50 litres to 120 litres.

ICS: 83.080.20
14 Pg/sTshs 20,000/=, USD 20
TZS 1408: 2011 (1st Ed) 2011
Cationic polyacrylamides for treatment of water intended for human consumption – Specification
(Compulsory) Describes the characteristics of cationic polyacrylamides and specifies the requirements and the corresponding test methods.
ICS: 71.100.80
11 Pg/sTshs 20,000/=/ USD 20
TZS 1801: 2016- EAS 352: 2015 (1st ed) 2016
Chewing gum and bubble gum — Specification
Specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and testing for chewing gum and bubble gum
ICS: 67.180.10 | EAS: 352: 2015
8 Pg/sTshs. 15,000/= / USD 15
TZS 671:2001 (1st Ed) 2001
Automotive radiators – Test methods
Covers various test methods for radiators such as dimensional and visual examination, pressure test, leakage test for filler neck, internal cleaning test, heat dissipation performance test, pressure impulse, vibration test and resistance to paint
ICS: 43.060.30
12 Pg/sTshs.20,000/=/ USD 20
TZS 1652:2014(1st Ed) 2014
Carpet and upholstery shampoo — Specification
Specifies the requirements and methods of sampling and test for a liquid foaming shampoo used for both general cleaning and spot cleaning of colourfast carpets and upholstery that are not damaged by water alone.
ICS: 77.100.40 | EAS: 792:2013
4 Pg/sTshs 10,000/= Usd 10
TZS 1378:2011 (1st Ed.) 2011
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Limits for harmonic current emissions for equipment with input current > 16 A per phase
Deals with the emission of disturbances due to harmonics, applicable to both electrical and electronic equipment with a rated input current exceeding 16 A per phase and intended to be connected to public low-voltage a.c. distribution systems of nominal voltage 230 V, single-phase and nominal frequency 50 Hz. Tests according to this Tanzania Standard are type tests of complete pieces of equipment, for example a speed variable fan, and not of components, for example a converter. Connection of this equipment to the supply generally requires special agreement between the supply authority and the consumer. This consent will depend upon several factors including the expected levels of disturbance caused by the equipment and th e actual situation at the connection point to the power supply system. These recommendations specify the information required to enable a supply authority to assess equipment regarding harmonic disturbance and to decide whether or not the equipment is acceptable for connection with regard to the harmonic distortion aspect.
ICS: 17.220.01
10 Pg/sTshs 15,000/=, USD 15
TZS 1677: 2014 (1st Ed) 2014
Soya protein products- specification
Specifies requirements and methods of sampling and test for soya protein products intended for human consumption
ICS: 67.060 | EAS: 801:2014
5 Pg/sTshs 10,000/= Usd 10
TZS 2: 1984 (1st Ed) 1984
Chama cha Mapinduzi flag – Specification
Gives in detail the requirements on design, construction, and sizes of Chama Cha Mapinduzi flag of Tanzania, made of mill spun and loom woven cotton bunting
ICS: 59.080.30
7 Pg/sTshs 15,000/=, USD 15
TZS 2216-2: 2018- ISO 11479-2: 2011 2018
Glass in building — Coated glass — Part 2: Colour of facade
Specifies a method for objective evaluation of the colour of coated glass when used in
façades and viewed from the outside, as well as for measuring colour differences within the same glass pane
and between two adjacent panes in the same façade.
ICS: 81.040.20 | ISO: 11479-2: 2011
7 Pg/sTSHS 15,000/= USD 15
TZS 961: 2007 (1st Ed) 2007
Starch – Determination of moisture content – Oven-drying method
Specifies a method for the determination of the moisture of starch using oven drying at 130ºC under atmospheric pressure.
ICS: 67.040 | ISO: 1666: 1996
4 Pg/s4,000/=
TZS 1614:2014(1st Ed) 2014
Hot-rolled steel bars — Part 3: Dimensions of flat bars
Specifies dimensions of metric series hot- rolled steel round bars
ICS: 25.100.70 | ISO: 1035-3:1980
1 Pg/sTshs 10,000/= Usd 10
TZS 837 (Part 2): 2011 (2nd Ed) 2011
Air quality – Sampling and test methods – Part 2 – Sampling of gaseous pollutants
Describes the method for sampling applicable to the gaseous pollutants in the air. It is suitable for gases such as the oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, ozone and hydrogen sulphide, which react with liquid absorbing reagents at atmospheric temperature and pressure when air is bubbled through the absorbing solution.
ICS: 13.040.01
8 Pg/sTshs.15,000/=/ USD 15
TZS 1303-1: 2011 (1st Ed) ISO 8421-1: 1987 2011
Fire protection - Vocabulary Part 1: General terms and phenomena of fire
Gives terms and definitions in general for fire protection.
ICS: 13.220.01 | ISO: 8421-1: 1987
8 Pg/s8,000/=
TZS 2084: 2017 2017
Modified safari vehicles — Code of practice for safari vehicles modification
Gives guidelines for modified motor vehicles that are used in wildlife hunting and transportation of tourist within Tanzania national parks and other tourist attractions.
ICS: 43.040.60
16 Pg/sTSHS 25,000/= USD 25
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